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That's two missed calls. Seems like Jessica is MIA.

Chloe's secret won't be in the dark forever. Five more days.

Jess, you have a voicemail.

Liberty High rumors are still swirling. See our stories for latest theories on

One week until the investigation begins.

Do you have any idea what kind of trouble you’ve made for me?

Secrets will be revealed.

Brace yourself. The final trailer arrives tomorrow.

Jessica Davis: Survivor. Activist. Killer?

Connected by their secrets.

We all have our demons.

Who killed Bryce Walker? More speculation in our stories.

Better have your alibi.


Something tells me the new girl knows what happened that night.

Nobody’s clean.

Between these two, there’s a lot to hide

Did revenge drive them to the edge?

🚨 We’re back. 🚨

Nothing brings two people closer together than a secret . . .

Clay Jensen keeps a lot of secrets. What does he have to hide?

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