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Adrián San Miguel Del Castillo

Official Instagram account of Adrián San Miguel @realbetisbalompie - @westham - currently @liverpoolfc 🙌🏻🇪🇸⚽️“Sevillano por el Mundo”


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You Will Never Walk Alone...🎶🔴 What a great atmosphere it was!!👏🏻

Anfield, Liverpool

Great performance...massive win! ➕3️⃣ Anfield is our Fortress💪🏻🔴

It’s Friday and... you know it!! Hoy es viernes y... lo sabes!! 💪🏻⚽️

Finished a busy week with a title 🏆 and another 3 points 💪🏻🔴 Thanks you all for your great support...The best is always to come!!

Counting down... It starts all over again tonight!! Cuenta atrás... Esto empieza de nuevo esta noche!! 💪🏻🔴

Liverpool FC Training Ground

New colours...new city...new ambitions... Really happy to sign with @liverpoolfc 💪🏻🔴


Lo mejor siempre está por venir//The best is always to come...🔜👀

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