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Who is excited for @goodwoodrevival this year?! Less than 4 weeks to go now! 🎵 My AirBnB host playing piano downstairs

There are some images I really love in this set, so please do give it a scroll! My last post talking about @avdoldtimergrandprix with @pirelli last weekend before I bombard you with @pebblebeachconcours images! As well as shooting Pirelli tyres, they asked me to also capture the atmosphere of the weekend, which I really hope I captured! Definitely kept in mind my inspiration @laurentnivalle whilst shooting these. 🎵 @theblackkeys Unknown Brother


Some Porsche faces from last weekend at Nürburgring! I was there with @pirelli who were working alongside @Porsche Classic whilst at the @avdoldtimergrandprix. Can you tell I really like 356 faces? Fun fact, this was my first ever race meet I’ve been to and shot other than Goodwood! 🎵 @thebeatles Rocky Raccoon - Anthology 3 Version


Now, I’m not really a track shooter but I hung around for the last race this evening in the hope for some lovey golden light! Still only had my 35mm and 85mm lenses on me (my 70-200 is still in my drawer at home...) but I really like how they turned out! Shot through the holes in the barrier. Also, the roads around Nürburgring are SO good. 🎵 @tokillaking Gasp

Louwman Museum

If you’re ever in Rotterdam, or waiting for a ferry at the Hook of Holland, you have to check out the incredible @louwmanmuseum. 🎵 Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs, Wooly Bully

As we sit and wait for our ferry to the UK, I was reminded of this shoot... The beautiful Jaguar XK140 Zagato, shot for @classicdriver many moons ago. I hope your Mondays are marvellous.

Budapest, Hungary

A few personal favourites front the last couple of days! Selfie included along with some street photography, I really quite like numbers 7 and 8! @official_miniclassic @immbristol2019 🎵 @esmzeros 40 Day Dream

Day 2... Kastraki to Thessaloniki!

Athens, Greece

Day 0 of our 4000km trip! My plane was delayed so we only had a little light before meeting the Athens Mini Club. But not to fear! We convoyed out into the streets of Athens with the club as they toured us some some of their most beautiful (and narrowest!) streets. Day 1 and we’ve had a bit of a mechanical problem...we still have 4 hours of driving to go! I think the planned sunset shoot tonight will have to be a sunrise shoot tomorrow... @official_miniclassic

Sunday afternoon drive anyone? What are you all cruising around in/on today? @ccclondon’s Jensen CV8 takes the stage... 🎵 @johnnyflynnmusic The Lady is Risen

I think this was my 5th car shoot ever. I still really like the shots! I hope your weekends are to be filled with joy and cool vehicles. Shot for @classicdriver. 🎵 The Beach Boys, Vegetables

Next week I fly to Athens to start the beginning of an awesome road trip with @official_miniclassic. We’ll be driving to the International Mini Meeting in Bristol over 2 weeks stopping at many Mini clubs on the way! So prepare to be bombarded with Mini pictures... here are some shots from 2017 when we drove from Munich to Mayo, Ireland. 🎵 Tanya Davis, Eulogy for You and Me

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