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🌍 Digital content creator who travels the world 🇸🇪 🌴 📍 Currently in: Italy ✉️ FOR BUSINESS INQUIRIES: angelicablick@live.se 📽MY YOUTUBE👇🏽


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ITALY DIARY: WOW! I’m out of words. This trip was from the beginning only to celebrate Andrés dad turning 50 - little did I know that I was also going to be proposed to 💍❤️ this trip has been mainly been on spending time with my family. Ever since we got engaged I’ve also been in our little own bubble so nothing else has been in my focus other than that 🥰 but I’ve managed to at least snap some photos on this beautiful Italian trip ❤️ going back to Sweden tomorrow!

WE ARE GETTING MARRIED 😭❤️💍 the butterflies in my tummy right now!! You are the man of my dreams, my soulmate, the ketchup to my fries ❤️ I love you!!

I SAID YES 😭❤️❤️💍💍 @andrebanghall

In paid collab with @theofficialsafira - 🔥ATTENTION 🔥 LAUNCHING SOON!! Mark your calenders with 27th of August 19.00/7pm 🧡 available at safira.com 🔥🔥🔥

The motion of the ocean

In my right state of mind

Varberg, Sweden

Then you're left in the dust Unless I stuck by ya You're a sunflower sunflower, you’re a sunflower 🌻

Turks & Caicos

G I R L G A N G 🔥 The best thing about travelling is for sure that you get to meet new friends all over the world. When I was going on this trip, I was traveling all by myself and actually a bit nervous knowing I’ll be hanging out with a bunch of new people I’ve never met. Cause you never know what to expect. And then I met these girls ( + some other amazing peeps not shown in the picture) and I was blown away about their freaking amazing personalities, beautiful souls and kind hearts. Never have I met more chill, heartwarming and intelligent girls in my life! I found a new little family 🧡 everyone on this trip was just.. wow! I had THE best time ever🧡 so thank you girls, boys, crew and @arkswimwear for putting us all together! I can’t wait for our next adventure!! 📸 by the best @megbatphoto 💥

Lost in the archive

Capri sun anyone?

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