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Commissioned by Apple. “My use of color is unique to my style. Pastel colors provide the perfect palette for being minimal." by @maria.svarbova Check Stories for more.


“It’s hard to know where to start with Scotland. I love how the weather is rarely the same two days running, how you can go from relative emptiness to beautiful, deserted beaches. It’s bleak in winter, lush in summer and an endless source of photographic inspiration. I consider myself lucky to live here.” by Lucy H. @loosemooose

Bonn, Germany

“I love to show the mysterious lives of plants.” by Felix S. @madebyfelix


“The details in my brother’s eye.” by Muhammed J. @the_lenser

Union, La Union, Philippines

“There’s more to it than the water.” by Dave G. @davegabriel

“My photographic curiosities have helped me be more open-minded. It’s humbling to realize what a tiny place we occupy in this world. Maybe that’s why my images have such interesting perspectives on environment and scale.” by Daniel H. @holydanoly

Stockholm, Sweden

Commissioned by Apple. "Living in Sweden, where it's dark and grey for half the year, makes bright colours more needed." by @teklan. Check Stories for more.

“I’ve always been kind of quiet and reserved, so that’s translated into my images. I try to capture people when they feel most comfortable, so I’ve had to work on being more comfortable myself.” by Fabian M.L. @fabianml

Commissioned by Apple. "For me, to hide myself is a way to show myself. You can show who you are with other parts of your personality - not just your face, your friends, your muscles." by @isabelitavirtual Check Stories for more.

Hong Kong

“This was the moment I knew the hike up was worth it.” by Yu Siang T. @cloneyusiang

Gran Canaria

“There are massive natural contrasts that exist amongst the Canary Islands. The islands to the west are characterized by mountainous landscape with magical volcanic valleys and forests. To the east, you can find moon-like environments, surrounded by white sand and beautiful beaches. It’s entirely unique.” by Daniel C. @ddanicaceres

Showcase 25: Favorites from last week's Community Brief - by... - 1. Rashed S. @irashedz - 2. Emre K. @aemrekoktas - 3. Çağla Ç. @caglacaglarr - 4. Sorokin A. @40_in - 5. Josh L. @joshlien27 - 6. Aakash P. @patelaakash211 - 7. Carlos N. @norgaardcarlos - 8. Karina A. @aleksandrovakarinablr - 9. Nasser A. @nasser01 - 10. Zhendi Z. @zhendi_z

Long Beach, California

“Another day spent basking for Escobar.” by Myx R. @escobarthebeardie

Cotonou Port, Benin, Africa

“When traveling and taking photographs in a foreign land, try your best to blend in. Learn the local language, frequent non-touristy areas, or spend more time in one place to build relationships and trust. As an outsider, it’s a constant challenge, but it will make your photos more authentic and natural.” by Dan G. @dan_greenberg

Commissioned by Apple. “Whether I’m onstage or backstage, the artists understand why I’m there. They want to be documented for history.” . Words by Danny C. @dannybones64. Images featuring @lizzobeeating by Jason N. @jason_nocito_studio, @fkatwigs by Mahaneela @mahaneela.jpg, @idlesband by Joey M. @joeymartinez, @florenceandthemachine by Vincent H. @vincenthaycock, and @kamasiwashington by Danny C. @dannybones64.

Community Brief 25: Empty We all need space sometimes. Tag + We’ll post favorites next week. Music: “Spook” by @cellobop

“Photography, like disability, is democratic. At first, you might not be able to tell who made a picture or any characteristics about them. If they have a real connection to a story, the passion, dignity and care will come through. My motivation comes from being part of the disabled community and wanting to change public perception about us. My injury has taught me that the is so powerful and also so fragile, and how important the mind is. I’m going to keep shooting, writing and filming stories that I’m passionate about. I want to do justice to my community. They are the fire under me.” by Nolan T. @nolantrowe


“The sun-soaked, patchwork fields of the Azores.” by Aleksandra M. @lekarkawpodrozy

Saint Petersburg, Russia

“Reflections in St. Petersburg.” by Ilya A. @idbronskiy

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