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Oslo, Norway

You asked for it 😎 @janerichsen


PSA: ✍️ First things first: no unpaid or underpaid work in the art world. (Yes, @nyfacurrent, we’re looking at you.) ・・・ Jobs.art is the latest project from Art Handler, the magazine and cult Instagram that celebrates the behind-the-scenes of the art world. Art Handler delights in deflating the aura of the white cube out of respect for the people whose hard work keeps it so pristine. (Jobs.art is for these folks.) ・・・ Jobs.art (www.jobs.art; @jobs.art.ig) is an international listings website that focuses solely on art-related . Our platform cuts through the noise of clunky, outdated listings sites by prioritizing a vetted, quality employer pool—plus its mission to promoting fair and honest work.・・・ Jobs.art provides a clear path to keep Art Handler’s editorial mission sustainable and independent. ・・・ Our website was designed and developed by @labud.nyc, a boutique studio based in New York.

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