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Christina Hammock Koch

NASA Astronaut currently living onboard the @iss.

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Tomorrow my crewmate @astrodrewmorgan will be going out on his first spacewalk! The main task at hand? He and @astrohague will install the IDA-3 in order to provide additional docking ports to station for future arrivals of Commercial Crew. Watch live on @nasa TV!

Conducting research off the Earth, for the Earth! This looks at what is causing damage to the nervous system that’s common in Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis, and will reveal how living in space affects similar cells in healthy astronauts.

Weekend surf watch on and the breaks around Rincón. From the @iss, remembering some great past sessions at Maria's.

Night lights from the @iss. Aurora glow over Antarctica, moonshine on the solar arrays, sunrise starting in the East, outside lighting on Dragon and Soyuz, and in the window, a random reflection of the little night light we keep on inside.

My favorite way to spend free time on @iss is looking out the cupola window, admiring and capturing the beauty of our home.

Good morning, ! Looks like it was a great weekend to be in Central Park.

‪Had a blast cheering on the students from the SPHERES Zero Robotics Middle School Summer Program during their competition today! The SPHERES team tests algorithms developed by students and selects the best designs for the competition to operate the robots onboard @iss.

‪Rest in Peace, Chris Kraft, NASA’s original Flight Director and mission operations architect. It is on these days of dynamic operations when the @nasa team is doing amazing things that I appreciate and honor your legacy the most. ‬

August night skies! For my friends in the Southern Hemisphere this time, can you spot the Southern Cross? Happy star gazing and goodnight from the @iss!

Galveston Island, Texas. Dreaming of surf checks by bike from 61st Street to Flagship, long runs on East Beach, and Tanker Surfing the wakes of ships in the channel.

Not an ordinary printer! The Bio-Fabrication Facility is one of many new & incredible experiments brought up on @spacex . It’s a 3D printer of biological structures such as tissues, & microgravity opens up new possibilities for what it can create!

‪Capture!‬⁣ ⁣ ‪Today my crewmate @astrohague and I captured the @spacex , filled with over 5,000 pounds of science and supplies. Still celebrating Apollo anniversaries on @iss with the emblem on the Dragon vehicle. Can you spot it?‬

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