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Linda Parra

Mother, wife, dentist, business owner & straight up G (but mostly Elle & baby Ever’s mom) ❤️



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Happy 2nd birthday, it came up faster than I was able to write your yearly birthday letter, like most things these days. The second child thing is absolutely real, but it in no way, shape, or form means that I love you any less than your older sibling. It’s amazing how your love tank doubles in size after another baby, but the hours in the day don’t multiply... Champagne problems. If you want to read this letter in its entirety the blog link on the bio 😉

Today’s episode of “Watch Elle Struggle to open $%#*” is sponsored by @officialpoppophairsurprise and boy did they make her work for it 😅 but she loved every minute of it! She’s been obsessed with these and loves styling their hair end making me style them into her hair!

It’s his birthday and he can have his 🎂 and get his face smashed into it (because Mexicans 😂) Happy Birthday Papi/Lower case Ever/Baby Ever & forever

@bajabeachfest day ✌🏼 We had so much fun singing & dancing our hearts ♥️ out!

Pure Magic 🌊 this one has been a 🧜🏾‍♀️ since birth (her brother definitely is not 😂)

When you’re ready for @bajabeachfest but you still gotta go to work first outfit from @onfourth

In today’s episode of “Watch Elle Struggle to open $%^*) she’s opening the new @officialpoppophairsurprise and I think between the colored hair & dolls she might be hooked. She’s currently practicing her hair skills 💁🏻‍♀️

When I get a new outfit I wear it immediately the next day 😂 outfit from @mercheshowroom 🙌🏼

We have been loving our new @dokitec smart watch with video & voice calling, messaging, location tracking, fitness tracking & camera! Built to last & water resistant 👏🏼 They are offering a back-to-school special of 10% off with promo code “BABYELLE10”

Loving this set from the @thecristalline X @carbon38 collection! Power colors with discrete tiny pockets to hold your power stones, this set came with red jasper ❤️

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