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Natalie Migliarini 🏆Influencer of the Year 🍹Cocktail Creator & Storyteller 🧳New Orleans 💃Digital Agency 📸 & 📽 for 👉 @littlelanemedia



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New Orleans, Louisiana

Excited to partner with @DrinkBlossomWater to create this Tropical Turkish Delight🍋🌹I obsessed with floral vibes & flavors in my cocktails so I was so excited to use the Rose Lemon to make this cocktail! 💗 I love the versatility of drinking it straight or using it in cocktails to add a lovely floral flavor. Which flavor do you want to try? Tell me by number below! 1. Rose Lemon🌹🍋 2. Jasmine Plum💗 3. Geranium Pomegranate 🏵 4. Hibiscus Mango🌺 5. Lilac Grapefruit💜 Click the link in my bio for the full recipe!

Arnaud's & the French 75 Bar

One of my favorite bars on earth🌎👉 The French 75 Bar 🥂 @arnaudsnola! Do y'all have a favorite bar in NOLA? . . .

Austin, Texas

Chipping Away and trying to make THINGS happen for Beautiful Booze this week. 💃🥃🍹💎 I making a place for myself at the table 👩‍💻 Excited to be on the Advisory Board of Nightclub & Bar and attending the annual meeting in Austin. What are y'all excited about this week? Tell me below 😁

New Orleans, Louisiana

The One & Only @CocktailWonk has released the Minimalist Tiki BOOK! 🍹Matt and I both started our cocktail journey in Seattle, and there were many meet ups of us saying "what are we EVEN doing"; over tiki cocktails of course! I so excited that Matt and his wife Carrie have released this book, which is a PERFECT guide to make TIKI Cocktails at home & recipes from epic tiki bartenders as well as fous tiki bars around the world🌎 It is a must have - link in the bio for more info! . Oh and everyone say hello to Jes AKA @littlelanemedia 🙌 He is sipping on one of Matt's creations from the book called the Jungle Doctor! Soooooo DELISH 😁

New Orleans, Louisiana

Who is ready for a Margarita?🥥🥥 I currently obsessed with this Blueberry Coconut Marg! Find the recipe over @vinepair 💃 link in my bio🍹 *ALSO- if y'all didn't know I contribute a recipe EVERY week to Vinepair so make sure to follow them and check their website for new EPIC recipes dropping! 😁

New Orleans, Louisiana

Fighting those Sunday Scaries with champagne in a very over the top trophy coupe🥂🍾🤣 You never know what treasures you will find at thrift stores 🏆💃 What is your favorite thing you have found at a thrift store? . . .

New Orleans, Louisiana

SHAKING IT UP THIS WEEKEND!🍹💃It is so hot in NOLA that I going full on with refreshing cocktails starting with this tasty delight w/ , sherry, strawberry mint syrup, lemon and grapefruit🍹 What are y'all shaking this weekend?

Pineapple & Coconut is one of my absolute favorite flavor combinations!🥥🍍 Who’s with me? 🙋‍♀️ Excited to partner with @MalibuRumUS and @DoleSunshine to create this DELISH Floridian Float Cocktail! Tropical cocktails all summer long!🌞🍹 *Find recipe by clicking the link in my bio 🙌

Oaxaca, Mexico

Magical Mezcal!💫 Reminiscing about my trip to Oaxaca and seeing the entire process of Mezcal production from agave to bottle. 🙌 So much appreciation for Mezcal and the opportunity to meet the people behind the bottle as well as getting invited into the home of the Mastermezcalero was hospitality on another level ❤ It is so much work and seeing it in real life blew me away. Thank you mezcal friends and fam for giving me the opportunity to see your world🙏 Thank you @europeanbartenderschool for making it ALL happen😘

New Orleans, Louisiana

Walking into the weekend with TEQUILA💃 What are y'all drinking this weekend? . .

New Orleans, Louisiana

NOLA! I'm here for a month! 🙌So excited to be in one place and shoot all the content in this beautiful apartment! Who wants to come over for cocktails? 🙋‍♀️ (continued below) . . Traveling fulltime is amazing but it can be really hard living out of a suitcase and trying to do work projects on the road. Stressful, unhealthy, inability to find balance are all things that come into play as well so many positives including thankfulness, incredible experiences and friendships! The grass is always greener right? 💁‍♀️ Before I started Beautiful Booze about 6 years ago I had so much that I didn't even want to leave my house much less travel. It's crazy what life has planned for you when you step out of your comfort zone (which is so hard). The last time I stayed somewhere for a month was March 2018 in Madrid! So it feels good to stop, do some self care and prepare my own meals! Cheers to a tiny bit of stability 💃

EPIC Berry Bourbon Cocktails coming to you all summer long! 🥃🌞This Raspberry Lemon Supreme, made with Early Times Bottled-in-Bond, is so tasty and perfect for summer parties. The fresh raspberries and lemon juice mix with the @bottledinbondbourbon and it’s so easy to create! Who wants one? 🙋‍♀️ . . See recipe below: Recipe: Raspberry Lemon Supreme😍 2 ounces Early Times Bottled-in-Bond 1 ounce lemon juice ½ ounce syrup 4-5 fresh raspberries Method: 1. Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice 2. Shake to chill 3. Fine strain into a cocktail glass over fresh ice 4. Garnish & Enjoy!

New Orleans, Louisiana

Still reminiscing about Tales of the Cocktail🎉One highlight for me was working on the Piscotarian Project with some of the industries BEST bartenders (@mdrnmixologist & @kingcocktl above) to create AMAZING Pisco cocktails for the Trade Commission of Peru! 💃☕ . My creation was a Peruvian Espresso Martini made with @vinasdeoro. What is your favorite PISCO cocktail? . . Thank you @cohen.francine for making all the magic happen! @peru.trade @tales_of_the_cocktail @littlelanemedia

Seattle, Washington

The Seattle Summer Sour is here!🌞 Excited to partner with @heritagedistilling to bring you this sour made of berry dreams 🍓& Brown Sugar Bourbon 103🥃This is Summer in a glass & it tastes so delish 😁 think berry pie🥧 What is your favorite summer fruit for cocktails? Check the full recipe by clicking the link in my profile! . .

Chicago, Illinois

I so EXCITED to HOST the ultimate celebration with @tresagaves at @celestechicago TONIGHT & have created 4 AMAZING cocktails to share including 👉 🌺Beautiful Booze Punch 🌞Insta Vacay 🍹Tequila Mode On 🏖Out of Office Vibes . We will get to meet Iliana Partida the New Master Distiller and Barry Angus the CEO of Tres Agaves Tequila. Also, we will be tasting the new organic tequilas. 💃 SALUD! (*If you have RSVP'D please come early as space is LIMITED, it will be FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED, and RSVP does not guarantee entry) How are y'all celebrating?

Bubbly Cocktail Time!🍾🎂 Excited to partner with @StellaRosa & Stellabrate their birthday with this Lemon Raspberry Chiffon Sparkler🥂🍋This cocktail is shaken up with lemon juice, vanilla simple syrup and fresh raspberries then topped off with Stella Rosa Prosecco. . . It was inspired by a Prosecco birthday cake that I recently had and it was so delish that I HAD to create it in liquid form. 🎉What is your go to celebration cocktail? Find the complete recipe by clicking the link in my profile.

Windsor Court

Tales of the Cocktail! We are ready to welcome you with @tequilatromba cocktails at our home at @windsorcourt from 2-4pm TODAY!💃🍾🍹 It is 2 blocks off of canal street! Don't let the weather keep you from the TEQUILA! No RSVP REQUIRED! . . THANK YOU to our sponsor @tequilatromba and @windsorcourt for hosting us! Another thank you to @grandezaliqueur @beehive_bitters_company @londonessenceco @monin_usa @faticeco

Dublin, Ireland

Takeover ALERT! Tomorrow head over to the @diageobarac stories as I take you on a @johnniewalker Highball Bar Crawl Tour in one of my favorite cities DUBLIN! 🇮🇪 I will take you on a journey to 4 of my favorite bars to see bartender highball favs! 🙌 Who is ready? . .

Chicago, Illinois

CHICAGO + 🍹 Join me and @tresagaves for delish cocktails and food at @celestechicago! 🌮This event is complimentary and will be first come, first served. Space is limited and RSVP does not guarantee entry. Get to @celestechicago EARLY FOR ENTRY if you have already RSVP'D! 😘💃

Windsor Court

New Orleans FAM! Join me at @windsorcourt this SATURDAY from 2-4 pm for SLINGIN' IN THE SUMMERTIME🌞featuring @tequilatromba Cocktails for this EPIC @tales_of_the_cocktail SPIRITED DRINKING EVENT!

Chicago, Illinois

CHICAGO! 💃Come celebrate National Tequila Day with me and @TresAgaves at @CelesteChicago Rooftop Garden on July 24th from 7-10pm.🍹 There will be EPIC Tres Agaves cocktails designed by me, food and MORE! Click the LINK in my bio to RSVP! Who is coming? Can’t wait to meet EVERYONE! 😘

Who is ready for a Fresh Pineapple, Toasted Coconut and Bourbon Tiki Cocktail?🍍🥥🥃🍹 Today I sharing my go-to summer tiki cocktail made with Early Times Bottled-in-Bond. I love drinking bourbon all year round but this summer my goal was to make all the summer bourbon cocktails like this Kentucky-Tiki! See the recipe below: Recipe: Kentucky Tiki🍹 Ingredients 2 ounces of Early Times Bottled-in-Bond🥃 @bottledinbondbourbon ¾ ounce of fresh pineapple juice🍍 ¾ ounce of lime juice 💃 ¾ ounce of toasted coconut syrup🥥 Method 1. Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice 2. Shake to chill and combine ingredients 3. Strain over crushed ice 4. Garnish & Enjoy

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