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Des Moines, Iowa

Trump is talking about Greenland and racist policies like ending birthright citizenship to take your eyes off the ball—off an economy that's beginning to crater; off a trade war that's wreaking havoc on farmers across America; off his cruel desire to take away your health care.

Des Moines, Iowa

We're not going to write anyone off or take anyone for granted. That's why we went door to door in Des Moines—listening to and learning from those we want to fight for and serve. Big thanks to the supper club who invited us inside for good food and even better conversations.

Altoona, Iowa

‪We need to be there for workers—all workers. That means standing up for unions and fighting for a $15 minimum wage so one job is enough; but it also means being there for the chicken processing workers who were rounded up, hogtied, and separated from their families in Mississippi. Thanks to the Iowa Federation of Labor for your continued leadership.‬

Marshalltown, Iowa

Marshalltown, Iowa represents the best of America, because everyone here recognizes their community is safer, stronger, and better because of immigrants—just like our country. Grateful to learn from them.

Maria's Tacos

Thanks for lunch, Maria’s Tacos in Marshalltown!

Iowa Valley Education & Training

I just visited Iowa Valley Community College’s Education and Training Center, a resource hub where people from the world over learn English, study for their citizenship test, earn their diploma, and develop the skills they need to realize their full potential—and America’s too. I met a lot of incredible and talented individuals but won't forget talking to Alek—one of the immigrants who makes our country so great. She’s from South Sudan and is studying English, but math already comes easily to her. Now, she wants to go to college and become a nurse. Proud she’s here, grateful that she wants to make our country better.

Grand View University

We’ve got our work cut out for us. Let’s get after it and go win it. Good to be with you again, Iowa.

Kansas City, Missouri

Inspired by the way Kansas City's veterans community is building homes not only to fight veteran homelessness but to ensure those who served our country are able to transition back into it. Proud of @jasonkander and the @vcp_hq, their leadership, and their tireless advocacy in ensuring every veteran in Kansas City has access to housing. I know this is only the beginning of their heroic work.

Gates Bar-B-Q

Wichita, Kansas this morning; Kansas City, Missouri this afternoon. So great to catch up with my friends @jasonkander and @dianakander. They said I couldn't come to the state without stopping in at Gates bar-b-q—and once we finished lunch, I had to meet Mr. Gates himself.

R Coffee House

We're going to communities that have for too long been forgotten and counted out—not only to learn about their concerns, but to learn about how they're working on the ground to overcome them. Grateful that Councilman Johnson would welcome us to Wichita and that Angelo would host us at R Coffee House. A great conversation about how we need to reach out to everyone, bring everyone in, if we want to solve the very real challenges we face.

“Native America! What about us?” In Oklahoma, I was asked to answer for our systematic oppression of Native Americans—and for their continued persecution. This is what I said.

The University of Oklahoma

Not often does a Texan feel at home in Sooner country. Great being back in Oklahoma these past two days. See you again soon.

Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum

‪White nationalism and domestic terrorism are not a relic of the past, they still threaten us today—in El Paso and in communities across America. Following Oklahoma City’s perseverance, we will overcome hate everywhere it lives, including in the White House.‬

Black Wall Street Tulsa

Today, I visited Black Wall Street, where one of the largest acts of white nationalist terror in history killed hundreds—but failed to destroy Greenwood's spirit. Tulsa's resilience is an inspiration to El Paso, as we respond to a white nationalist terror attack in our own community.

Welltown Brewing

As Victor says, “one band, one sound.” Grateful to everyone in Tulsa who came out to be together tonight on our second visit to Oklahoma ... and for all who are committed to bringing everyone in, writing no one off and taking no one for granted. Powerful to be with you tonight!

This country—though we would like to think otherwise—was founded on racism, has persisted through racism, and is racist today. And if you don’t want to accept that phrase, or that word, or that distinction, look at this: There is 10 times the wealth in white America today than there is in black America. There are 2.3 million people behind bars, the largest prison population on the planet bar none, disproportionately comprised of people of color, though we know that people of all races use illegal drugs at roughly the same rate. In a Kindergarten classroom, a four or five-year-old child of color is five times as likely to be disciplined, or suspended, or expelled as a white child in front of the same teacher for the same infraction. We have a maternal mortality crisis in this country that is 3x as deadly for women of color. This racism, though foundational—literally kidnapping people from West Africa, bringing them here to build the greatness of this country on their backs, and then denying their descendants the meaningful opportunity to enjoy in the wealth that they had created—has for so long flown under the surface. But in this administration, and with this president, that racism was invited out into the open. For the last three years, there has been a rise in hate crimes in every single one of them. Those counties that hosted a Trump rally in 2016 saw, on average, more than a 200% increase in hate crimes. A president who promised to ban all Muslims, all people of one religion from the shores of a country that is comprised of people from the world over. On the day he signed his Executive Order, attempting to ban Muslim travel, the mosque in Victoria, Texas, was burned to the ground. Let us make sure that at this moment, this defining moment of truth, that in this great democracy, where the government is the people and the people are the government, the responsibility to respond to this is on every single one of us. And to do so, we must connect the dots, as we’ve just connected them, and understand the consequences and the cost of this president. We must absolutely come together, all of us, to change it. --Video From CBS-11 (THV11, KTHV) in Little Rock

The Gardens at The University of Arkansas

Democrats need to show up everywhere—because when we show up, we win. Thanks for welcoming me, Razorbacks. Really enjoyed being at @uarkansas.

In Mississippi, children were separated from their parents—a 4 month-old from her breast feeding mother. We need to shock the conscience of America, because future generations will ask: "When you faced this moment, did you stand up to be counted?" Our answer better be yes.

Arkansas State Capitol

Whenever anyone tells you that we can't reduce gun violence, think about the students marching for their lives—and for all of ours—and the moms demanding action across our country. Following their lead, we will end this epidemic.

We ran into some supporters here in Little Rock who were helping their friend Anna move-in. When we heard she was a fan, we decided to surprise her with a quick helping hand.

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