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Said I always be your friend, I took an oath gonna stick it out till the end .... Peripatetic Life!! Author: Die with Zero releasing 5/5/2020


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Planet Earth

Love having @larasebastian be my ride or die! 🎶@the_knocks

Capri, Italy

I have no idea how to caption this photo

Whatever road lie ahead, together we travese

Amalfi Coast

If you roll with me it's gonna be a fun ride


One day I wont be able to ride so today I soak up the joy of just being able while I can

TAO Los Angeles

Celebrating @kevinhart4real 40 years, Welcome to my age bracket!!

Necker Island

@danbilzerian Maybe now they will get it and that I'm better than you in Chess!!

Washington, District of Columbia

A very happy mother's day to Mommy! PS where is my brother looking?!?!

US Virgin Islands

Check it droogies! If you can handle the hardships of Island life, streaming, poker and plenty of sun, this might be for you thirstlounge.tv

Happy Easter and Peace to all!!!

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