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Here to make fitness fun & colorful! Founder of @popflex_active, @poppilatesofficial, and @piit28official. 😶I gained 14 lbs in less than a year.😶


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Los Angeles, California

We all want something we don’t have. Time to appreciate our for what it‘s done and the potential it has. Should you choose to compete, let’s vow to only compete against ourselves, not others. More on @blogicomics. PS: Thank you for your honest and raw opinions on my 90 day journey. Some of you love it, some of you hate it. I’ll respond in a blog post later today.

Umm so. I gained 14 lbs in less than a year. Wrote down all my feelings in my latest blog post. Read only if you’re not triggered by talk of weight, scales, and diets. Blogilates.com (bio link)

Los Angeles, California

To wash or not to wash...THAT IS THE QUESTION! 💀 How many times a week do you wash your hair? @blogicomics

Palm Desert, California

I recently took a personality test to help me understand myself on a deeper level, plus I wanted to know how I could have better relationships with people. In this particular test, there are 34 characteristics and your top 5 scoring ones are your strengths. I thought “achiever” would be my number one, but actually here’s what I got: ✨ . 1️⃣ Futuristic - My thoughts of what the future could look like drive me. 2️⃣ Strategic - I a creative problem solver. 3️⃣ Activator - I make things happen. 4️⃣ Achiever - I a hard worker who thrives on productivity. 5️⃣ Competition - I measure my success against the progress of others. ✨ . The things that stood out to me most are numbers 2 and 5! I never thought of myself as a strategist but now that I think about it, I spend a lot of my time solving problems all day long. ✨ . But then competition? I struggle a lot with comparing myself to others even though I know “comparison is the thief of joy.” So what does it mean when it’s my “strength”??? ✨ . I guess it means that the more I compare myself to successful people, the more I’ll be driven to succeed? That’s great and all...except when I compare myself to others...this is how it goes: ✨ . 1. I end up feeling really bad about myself for a day (this usually involves crying, believing that I’m a total failure). 2. Then @slivits has to encourage me and say that I’m doing just fine and that I need to look back and see how far I’ve come. 3. Then the next day, I’m able to face the reality and see where I truly stand. At this moment, when I’m staring truth in the eye, no matter how much joy it thieves from me, my only choice is to compete...and win. ✨ . Wow. I sound intense. But it’s not like that’s a surprise to me. Actually @slivits and @jackelynho have both told me “you’re being really intense right now”. I always ask for their honesty and I’m lucky that they love me enough to give it to me straight. ✨ . Have you ever taken the Clifton Strengths Finder test? What are your strengths? I had to pay for it but some entrepreneurs I met last week highly recommended it. I think there are some free versions online! If you take it, let me know what you get!

Trader Joe's - Los Angeles , CA

Here’s my lil secret...ALWAYS CHOOSE THE BASKET. @blogicomics

The Saguaro Scottsdale

Happy 🐝 day to my lil sis @jackelynho!!! I love everything about her. She’s always been the fire trail blazer of the family and I LOVE that she pushes me to get out of my comfort zone constantly. She works fast, she works hard, and she works with her mind as much as her heart. That’s why when you have the chance to take a yoga class with @jackelynho, the inner depths of your soul will shocked. 🧘‍♀️ You probably will cry. It’s happened every time I’ve taken her yoga. She asks you to embrace your vulnerability...then she helps you set yourself free. It’s kind of like magic. Lil sis IS magic! ✨ And I guess that’s a good segway to announce that...Jackelyn will be the Retreat Director for POP Retreat 2020!!!! 💕 👏🌟 Prepare for a BEYOND MAJESTIC experience next summer. Details coming soon. For now, head to @jackelynho’s IG to see what @samlivits and I got her!!!! WE ALL DIED. STILL CAN’T BREATHE. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISTER. 👯‍♀️

Los Angeles, California

Anyone ever feel like this? 😐 Basically me in this intro to contortion class I started taking. 🧘‍♀️ Also, how is your Day 3 of of the ?! 🍑 What’s been the hardest, day 1️⃣, 2️⃣, or 3️⃣!? @blogicomics

HAPPY MONDAY and day 2 of the !!! I loooooove seeing you guys CRUSHING your 🍑 move of the day! Thank you for posting your before pics as well as your videos. It keeps all of us inspired and accountable. Keep it up. Today is 100 EACH check. Have fun 😉 Full length workout on 📹 YouTube.com/blogilates (bio link) HOW DID IT FEEL!?????

Scottsdale, Arizona

The other day @slivits said that he’s really happy with everything we’ve accomplished and that he’s content being exactly where we are. I felt peaceful...for a moment. But then, I RUINED it. The overachiever part of me said “But there’s still so much more to achieve!!! I’m nowhere near where I want to be!” Yet, if Cassey 10 years ago could see where she was today, she wouldn’t believe her eyes. It’s part of my personality to keep going, keep striving, no matter how hard it is. I want to always do better because achievements are one of the things that brings me genuine happiness and motivation. My overachieving trait has gotten me exactly to where I today...but it’s also what leaves me feeling unsatisfied a few minutes after I accomplish something. Weird how life balances you out like that. Something I need to figure out. Like...how important is accomplishing something to completing my sense of wholeness? 🧘‍♀️ Friday thoughts ya know?! What brings you wholeness?

Los Angeles, California

Booty poll in preparation for the which begins THIS SUNDAY Aug 4! Which 🍑 is most like yours? Mine is the 🔲.

Sugar Bowl

🍦🍰HOW TO GET OVER FOOD GUILT🍕🍔 . I just got back from a 4 day trip, and let’s just say my tastebuds were very very happy 😊 Between the healthy salads…I TOTALLY indulged on churro donut holes, ice cream sundaes, pizzas, milk shakes, burgers, animal-style fries – I mean I WENT HARD. . Rewind back just a few years and you’d have a pitiful Cassey feeling bad about her choices and logging extra dreaded hours at the gym to “punish” herself. Cassey today – she just lives her life and owns it! . 1️⃣ So how do you get to food freedom? . Think about this: Does feeling guilty reverse the fact that you ate the food? Does it somehow make you feel better? Does it teach you anything? Nope. It just steals your time, makes you feel miserable and gives food way too much power over your thoughts. . 2️⃣ Why do you feel guilty? . When you feel guilty about eating ”bad” food, it’s because you think you’ve actually done something wrong. You’re upset. You’re disgusted. You hate yourself for having no control. . But the reality is, food is fuel – not a moral issue! What we need to do is REDEFINE what it means to eat healthy. Feeling guilty for eating “bad” food is just as unhealthy for your mind as feeling superior for eating “good” food. . 3️⃣ You gotta stand strong behind your own decisions. . If you’re going to eat a “YOLO meal”, then do it wholeheartedly. Make the decision, then commit to it 100%. Eat it, enjoy it, forget about it, move on. Remember, 1 YOLO meal…or one indulgent weekend won’t ruin everything! . Full blog post at Blogilates.com (bio link)

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