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Landscape & garden design in Melbourne Vic. Adding quality ideas and value to your outdoor spaces. 💡 ✍🏻 ⛏ Design | Construct | Maintain


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Le Jardin Secret . Médina . Marrakech

Love seeing bold, living sculptures in the garden! 🌵 Need help adding sculptural form for your outdoor living spaces? We’ve got creative ideas for to tie it all together 🔗

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Choosing the right plants can be so overwhelming ... there are so many options to choose from! 🤯 Thankfully, there’s an easy way to narrow it down. Let us help you out: ✔️ Tailored garden design 📐 ✔️ Landscape construction ⛩ ✔️ Hunt down perfect plants 🌱 ✔️ Clever ideas to add appeal 😍 Curious to know more? Let’s arrange a free 60min meeting on site. See you there! 👏🏻 __________________________________ 📷 puravidabracelets ‘sunshine on a rainy day’ . . . . . . . 🌻

Basílica de la Sagrada Família

What an absolute fairytale of a building - Gaudi’s scale and vision just chokes me up seeing this in person. Pretty stoked to stop in Barcelona on my way back to Morocco from Bilbao! Spent the whole day hopping around the city checking out buildings designed by Antoni Goudi. WOW WOW WOW. Tickets inside Le Sagrada Família were sold out for the day, which is probably just as well cos I would’ve been there ALL DAY otherwise. . Will revisit! ⛪️🏗👏🏻.

Casablanca, Morocco

The funniest thing just happened! I just woke up in Morocco. 🇲🇦 🎂 Thanks for the birthday wishes - I’ve dreamt of having a birthday here for over 6 years, and Casablanca doesn’t disappoint. Loving the colours, shapes, textures & newly sunburnt arms. You gotta dream, right? . . . _____________________________ 📸 @dakbeats & @zakaria_azaroual. Thanks for teaching me some @canon tips! 🙏😊 _____________________________ . . .

Beaumaris Beach

HANDS ON 🎠 how fun is sculpting with limestone? So therapeutic. Watch this space! _____________________________ 📷 @pezmoz 👌🏻

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

I’m late for the party! 🙈 _____________________________

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Who thought Crassula ovata could warm things up on a nippy Winter’s day? 🔥🌱☀️ _____________________________ ⛏ 📷 @boodleconcepts

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Weekend’s finally here! Time to let the hair down 〰️

Prahran, Victoria

Courtyard revamp: Left an impression in Prahran ✔️. I gotta admit I haven’t specified concrete slate impression before, but the client was bent on it. And at the end of the day, the work is done when you’re client is smiling, right? Next: feature planters & outdoor furniture. 🌳🌳🌳 ____________________________ . 📐 @boodleconcepts. ⛏ PrestigePatternPaving. ____________________________ . . . . .

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