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Here’s a little Monday Motivation. ✨✨✨ Repost: @gerry.pointer

I love you Hawaii, and I'm with you.


Y’all wanna see 6 girls whoopin ass? Go check out the official video to BLOW. When you’re done let these rockstars know they Killed it! Thank you @icherishwaters @drugstore.cowgurl @itsreallychy @francescasimone @laurentaneil @joythedrummer link in bio

Check out Ed Sheeran’s new song “BLOW” with Chris Stapleton and me. Available everywhere.

It was a privilege to work with Ed "The Song Writing Machine" Sheeran and Chris "Sing Ya Face Off" Stapleton for Ed's new project. You never know what you’re gonna land on when you collaborate with other musicians and somehow we landed on this tune called BLOW. It was so much fun making this record and getting to work with such talented guys. I really hope one day we can all get together again and perform it LIVE. 🤯 🍾

EL CAPITAN FUEGO!!! 🔥 Eat your heart out @teddysphotos ! This ain’t a game! I Do this! I ain’t new 2 this! I’m true 2 this! 🔥 🧯 !!!

Dipped in silk at the Apollo Theater!

Happy Birthday @Lennykravitz You’ve accomplished so much and continue to do so. You’ve written Songs that i wish I’ve written and you’re in better today than I’ve ever been my entire life. 🤣 Thank you for being fearless and reminding the world to let love rule. 🥂

I promised my mama I’d give her a high school diploma. I didn’t say anything about good grades 😂This was the day I graduated from Roosevelt High In Hawaii. She was so proud & she couldn’t believe I pulled it off. I told her “I’m moving to L.A and watch what I pull off next” She believed in me so much and was there for me every step of the way. At school the teachers would call me Peter but at home standing at a whopping 5/5 my mother and father gave me the name Bruno and made me feel like I had super powers or something, but now I know she was my super power all along, and still is. Happy Mother’s Day ma. Thank you for continuing to make me feel like I can do anything. I love and miss you so much. to all the Super Moms out there! ♥️


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