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When the Veyron hit the road in 2005, it was the first and only car in the world with an 8.0L, 16 cylinder engine, with more than 1000 hp and capable of more than 400 km/h. Experts were stunned, calling it “the most stunning piece of automotive engineering ever created”.

Just as the EB110 was in its day, Centodieci is just as extreme and sporty for its time. Unique, elegant, incomparable.

As many of you may have noticed, it appears the media wanted to get an early scoop with BUGATTI. This confirms the extent of enthusiasm around our products! However, you still don’t know the whole story about the Centodieci, its character and its reason for existence. We would like to invite you to join our live stream on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, of the official press conference at The Quail Motorsports Gathering tomorrow at 11:20am PCT (8:20pm CET)

Named after Ettore Bugatti on his 110th birthday, the EB110 was a supercar setting new standards. Uncompromising, with a modern design and very fast, the EB110 certainly stood out among the competitors of its day. Featuring the world’s first carbon monocoque, weighing in it 125kg, Romano Artioli’s Super Sport creation was capable of an incredible 351 km/h (218 mph) and the EB110, 342 km/h (213 mph). Powered by a 3.5l V-12 quad turbocharged engine, it first debuted in Paris 1991.

As if formed of liquid metal, the Chiron’s signature C-Line reflects the light of BUGATTI’s immaculate Atelier. To 8 flawless layers of paint, the Chiron owes its unique BUGATTI shine.⁠

To guarantee water-tight performance in all weather conditions, each Chiron is tested in monsoon-like rain for 30 minutes. The rigorous BUGATTI testing process is necessary to ensure optimum comfort in all climates.

After a number of attempts to revive the spirit of BUGATTI by Ettore’s youngest son Roland, including models such as the Type 101, Type 251 and Type 252, most of them could never be realised. The Bugatti family sadly informed their employees of the sale to Hispano-Suiza; an automotive engineering company with production sites in France. The company was later renamed Messier-Bugatti.


Housed in an aluminium-clad Atelier, modelled on the macaron of BUGATTI’s logo, unique cars are made by hand for unique customers, motoring connoisseurs who desire maximum individuality and exclusivity. Highly qualified mechanics assemble cars in three assembly areas. Each time, something unique and absolutely perfect is the result: a BUGATTI.

1951 was a year of change for BUGATTI; Roland took over the business from his father, Ettore, following his death in 1947. Roland launched the Type 101 Coupe; a take on the pre-war Type 57. Instead of focusing on the new models, the company looked to improve the cars from the past; with a focus on car maintenance and creating engines for the military.

A marvel in monochrome. A cockpit as unique as its pilot. Black and white contrast stitching in the finest hand-picked leather, demonstrates just a fraction of the possible customisations on the BUGATTI Chiron.

An endless pursuit for limitless perfection.

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