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Good lord I love a sunset and also this tequila And also the beach and also being on vacation. There's no filter on this because you don't need one when the filter is just actual natural light.

We've called her THE FACE since she was a baby. Birdie has recently lifted the Instagram ban on me posting pictures of her however I'M WELL AWARE she can take it back at any time😂

For my Instagram has been hijacked by my 11year old daughter Birdie who desperately wants @amazingphil and @danielhowell to know that they've changed her life and mean so much to her and her dream in life is to meet them. Here are a few of her portraits of them. So Dan and Phil, Birdie loves you and I do too. Thank you for being you so that she felt like she could be herself. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Just a Cricket about to release a baby sea turtle into the ocean. does incredible turtle conservation work in Mexico and I'm so glad we were able to join them today and release some little buddies. ❤️🐢

Last night, we overheard the most intense conversation at this resort where a couple was debating a caption for an Instagram post. The woman wanted her husband to write " the love of my life" and the husband... didn't. At all. And the combination of the conversation and tension and the intensity and weight of what a public declaration of love means in this age of social media and the things that were going unsaid between the two of them was all so heartbreaking and overwhelming that I started to cry. But then the waiter brought me this giagantic drink that was beautiful and delicious and I started laughing. And Marc took my picture. This drink is the love of my life.

Thinking all the thoughts. So many thoughts to think. Always.

1997-right before I moved to LA. My high school bedroom with one of my high school BFFs Bratty B @brettsweat ❤️ My parents wouldn't let me wallpaper over the flower wallpaper I had as a little kid cause 💰 so I made my own from magazines. There were layers of pictures from magazines. When they sold the house, my sophomore year in college, my mom insisted I come take down all the pictures myself. And I sobbed the whole time until I couldn't do it anymore and I told them to just throw the rest away. I still have some of the pictures from the wall in a box somewhere.❤️😢❤️

Ok TEACHER from our is UP! Let’s help Andrew Arp !! His Amazon wishlist is in my bio and stories! And because I’m a , @michaelsstores Is generously kicking in a 300 dollar gift card! I will let Andrew tell you a bit about himself and what he’s hoping to get for his kids And on a personal note, I really appreciate his story and think a pivot in one's life should never be underestimated..: “Busy, My ne is Andrew Arp and I a science teacher at Gra-Mar middle school in Nashville, TN. I a first year teacher at the ripe old age of 41. The reason for this transition is that for 15 years I’ve been a pastor but as my wife and I have been more and more convinced that the churches ways of dealing with the LGBTQ+ community have been twisted, we were asked to search for something else...so now I’m a teacher! I teach in an inner city school in Nashville that is Title 1 and it’s been eye opening. Just the other day one of my students ce in a bit off only for me to find out his uncle had been killed in a shooting the night before. But we are also trying to change things at Gra-Mar. We are trying to bring STEAM to our school and open up our students minds to new possibilities and new opportunities through science and engineering projects and possibly robotics. Here’s my list...I realize it’s a bit odd and extravagant because truthfully, I would need a class set of the robots.” ANDREW! You had us at ODD AND EXTRAVAGANT! Come on guys! First ROBOT is on me!!!! Let’s !!!

Whine Wednesday. (I'm so sorry I'm so sorry for this. Honestly, there's no forgiving it but please try.😐)

Real answers only.

I was able to be a part of something really special today. I'm always beyond proud to be involved with and represent @baby2baby but today I was honestly overwhelmed. Baby2Baby, Kawhi Leonard and the @laclippers donated ONE MILLION NEW BACKPACKS to kids in Los Angeles!!!❤️❤️❤️ We had an azing time at 107th Street Elementary School handing out backpacks and talking with students and educators. New school supplies and a new backpack is something that maybe some take for granted but it truly can change the way a child feels about walking into class in the morning. Every kid deserves to feel valued and that their community is there to step up if they need a hand. Honestly, every person deserves to know that. Thank you to @kellysawyer @norahweinstein @rivfifi and the entire Baby2Baby te, and thank you to Kawhi Leonard, Gillian Zucker and the entire @laclippers te for together making this all possible. You know I'm not really a sports fan but I a fan of good people who want to put good in the world and there were a TON of them with me today. ❤️

HERE WE GO! Teacher in our Is ZANOVIA CLARK @zslc13 !!! Let's get some much needed supplies for the kids she teaches and let's help Zanovia ! Her Amazon Wishlist link is in my bio and there is a swipe up in my stories! I so proud to be a because Zanovia is ALSO going to get a 300 dollar gift card to @michaelsstores (teachers always get 15% off at Michael's👍🏼)!!!❤️ Here is what Zanovia emailed: "Busy, I a 5th year educator working in Seattle, WA. I teach second grade in a Dual Language school where my students are learning in both English and Spanish. I have spent the last 5 years working in high poverty, high need schools. I choose teaching as my career because I grew up with a single mom who struggled to make ends meet. I have an older sister who was heavily involved in drugs throughout my childhood. That being said, many of my teachers served as my caretakers and fily. They taught me not only to read and write but to believe in myself and love who I . As a way to thank them, I decided to become an educator and do the se for students. I want every student in my classroom to feel loved and cared for no matter what is going on at home. I recently got married to my wife in June and we just rescued a sweet pup from a Texas shelter! I enjoy Beyonce, laughing, street tacos, and a good cold case show!" Let's show Zanovia some love and for her! 📓📚🎒✏️

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