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Now on @GolfPass, @McIlroyRory and I dive into the topic of fans in sports & whether the headlines @drizzy made during the NBA Finals was fun or too much. Rory & Carson - Ep. 5 Live NOW.

It’s going down, every time @katethechemist shows up @todayshow! Chemistry’s never been more fun. (thanks @photonate)

@TigerWoods Chasing History from airs mon 8pm @golfchannel Here’s another clip...so fun to narrate. Tiger kicked my in Jr Golf scarring me for life 😂

Was so stoked to be asked to narrate this killer doc on @tigerwoods for @golfchannel. Airs this Monday 8pm est. Tune in! 🏌🏼‍♂️💪🏼🐅🐐

This is THE rock that Neil Armstrong picked up off the surface of the moon & put in his pocket. It is literally the oldest rock on earth. 3.6 BILLION years old. It’s never left a highly secure lunar rock lab in Houston until it visited us @todayshow this . Looking at something 3B yrs old with the eye makes you feel weird inside. Excited! But very small.

Growing up losing every jr golf tournament to @tigerwoods . For me. I think it worked out pretty well for my old pal. Watch Tiger Woods: Chasing History on @golfchannel this Mon 8pm est. Honored to be apart of this amazing Golf film project! ?

CONGRATS @dylandreyernbc!! So fun celebrating your baby news this on @todayshow Your courage to open up about your fily planning struggles & faith in God is so admirable! We love you!

I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d ever win an , never mind a few. Thanks for the honor of the 2019 nomination today for @nbcthevoice! It’s never lost on me how special this show has been to my family at home & my work family. This nom is made possible by talented artists, A-level coaches & so many people behind the scenes who are simply the best. Thank you!

He is the interview Yoda to my Skywalker. Can’t wait to watch chat w the cast on @todayshow Tomorrow am! Tune in!

Great time joining my friends on the @alroker @craigmelvinnbc @peteralexandertv Lucky to work w such great guys! Thanks for having me. 🍺

Great way to start the day! America! So grateful for our independence.

I’m still reeling from the untimely passing of my folks & meeting & watching @pgatour champ @nlashley001 win & persevere is hugely inspiring! Love when success happens to good people. Well done Nate! Go Low

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