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Coby The Cat

💎”The most beautiful cat in the world.”—Me



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I, King Coby the First, hereby mandate that humans hand-feed me, one kibble at a time.

Translation: Bow to me, human. (Sound on 🔈)

I earned my stripes at a young age.

When @stellaandchewys Raw Coated Salmon Kibble is around, my tongue can’t control itself. It’s that good.

Oh lawd, I’m lookin’ chonky!

Riding Old Town Kitchen Road with my stuffed horse, Skipjack. (Sound on 🔈)

Nose liner. It’s a thing.

Nothing beats a cold one after a long, hard day of napping.

Ducky and I had some great times together. I regret chewing his head off.

When your tongue is your washcloth, hygiene becomes a priority.

Welcome to Chef Coby’s Table. Today I’m trying corn. I like corn.

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