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Datfri Cleaners International

Cleaning &Fumigation Services Tel: +256784818527, +256755954420 E-mail: services@datfricleaners.com


+256 784818527


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Planet Earth has over 1,500 which have not been put into use. What if we collect Earth garbage and dispose them off in these volcanoes? Question to discuss https://twitter.com/datfricleaners/status/1161714197044060161?s=19

Find out Visit our website today on www.datfricleaners.com and send us an inquiry message through our site portal Or email us : services@datfricleaners.com Send us a Whatsapp : +256784818527 Call: +256755954420

Visit our site www.datfricleaners.com to send us an inquiry message through our site portal

Cleaning and fumigation services

We do compound design and maintenance Contact us on Tel: +256784818527 / +256755954420 Email: services@datfricleaners.com www.datfricleaners.com

We make apartments nice places to live in Lets make yours clean too Whatsapp :+256784818527 Tel: +256755954420 Email : services@datfricleaners.com Website : www.datfricleaners.com

Office cleaning is very key to your days activities, appointments and organisation. Contact Datfri Cleaners International for your office cleaning and fumigation needs on Tel: +256784818527 / +256755954420 Email: services@datfricleaners.com Or visit our website below www.datfricleaners.com

Cleaning and fumigation

Cleaning and fumigation services

CEO datfri and CEO SafeBoda share a light moment after their Business summit at padre Pio lumumba avenue today.


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