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Ever notice how some words mean VERY DIFFERENT things, depending on how they're said? What word would you add to the list?

Today's Word of the Day has sway. It's punditocracy. Visit the link in our bio for example sentences and etymology.

"Bully" has evolved in surprising ways. What other words have changed meaning in your lifetime?

We regret to inform you that "wenis" is not a health term. It's thought to have originated in children’s or adolescent slang by the 1990s.

Today's is all of us at the end of summer. It's xeric. Check our bio link for example sentences and more! (🎨by: @katiecrimespree)

The Word of the Day is luminary. Tag someone who inspires you, and check out our bio link to see where this word came from.

Beware of today's . It's redoubtable. Visit our bio link for example sentences and pronunciation.

Next time you put on a shirt, remember to stick that hand through the armscye.

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