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Long Beach, CA 🌊 - 📻 Live In The Stu! on @RadioWestOne - 📻 Ill Camino Radio (KCTY @ LB City College) - 🌎DJILLCAMINO.COM🌍



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Today is National Radio Day so of course I gotta give a big shout to @KCTYfm, @KLBCLongBeach and Long Beach City College for getting me started. Ill Camino Radio will return in 2020 but Spring semester will be our final run at LBCC. Stay tuned 📻 . . . . . . . . .

Long Beach, California

Summer’s coming to an end and the only thing we can be sure of in the near future is humid sweat until Halloween. That means if you want something else to happen before the year is over, it’s up to you. Get to work!! 🔊 . . . . . . .

Apple Store

Dj’s, you’re getting ready for your gig when you see bae doing this to your MacBook. (They must have heard you talking about needing more clean edits 🔊). What do you do⁉️ . . . . . . .

Oakland, California

The quickest way to your goal is straight through. Straight through all the struggle and success, the triumphs and the failures. Not only does it teach you the things you’ll need once you reach your goal, there’s also no way around it. You can try a bunch of schemes to try and game the system, but after those don’t work, you’ll be back at square one. You’d be further along towards your goal if you would have just started doing the hard like you knew you were supposed to! 💯 . . . . . . . .

Art Theatre Long Beach

One of the first things to inspire me creatively was watching UHF when I was a kid. It taught me that you should never let anyone stop you, and creatives do their best work when they go for broke. The whole event was put on by @klbpfm who are working to provide LB with truly independent public radio, so show them your love and kick them down some paper!! 📻 💰 . . . . . . .

Highland Park, Los Angeles

Dibia$e with some moving words on the passing of Ras G. Sunday night was an emotional but beautiful celebration of music, art, and life. 🐻 🔊🛸 . . . . . . @afrikanspaceprogram

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