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Author EVERYDAY DORIE and DORIE'S COOKIES. EAT columnist for The New York Times Magazine



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A million years later and it’s all still good and sweet and fun and funny and delicious too. Happy anniversary to us . . Photo by @joshgreenspan or @linlingtao / can’t remember who took which picture and it doesn’t matter

I’m so happy that I got to write about these perfect corn sablés for @NYT mag and @nytcooking The recipe is from @apollonia_poilane’s new book (coming out in Oct): Poilâne, The Secrets of the World-Famous Bakery. Link to story in bio. . . FYI - the cookies need to be made with corn flour, NOT cornmeal, cornstarch or masa harina. I used @bobsredmill brand . .photo by @johnny_miller_ food styling by @maggie_ruggiero prop styling by . . .

At last - and before August is over - I’m sending out a newsletter. Tomorrow. It will have a bunch of recipes and a bunch of book recs. If you haven’t signed up, go to doriegreenspan.com (link in bio) and put your name on the list (scroll down landing page). See you tomorrow with the recipe for this gorgeous Tomato-Peach Panzanellla from (photo by @ellensilverman ) - xoxoxDorie . .

It’s hard to know how to respond to something this exciting other than to say YIPPEE ❣️❣️❣️❣️ @helenr just chose the ten best cookbooks of the century so far and Baking From My Home To Yours made the list in @newyorkermag Remarkable! And wonderful! And thrilling! And thank you, Helen, and all of you wonderful bakers who make my work such a joy to do - xoxox. . Link in bio - where you’ll find the other 9 fabulous books by @urban_deriver @davidchang @greasetrap @momolongplay @modcuisine @mikesolomonov @franklinbbq @tonitiptonmartin @ciaosamin @anissahelou . .

I wrote about my Tumble-Jumble Strawberry Tart for @nytmag EAT this week. It’s a genius idea, inspired by a I had in Paris many years ago: a crust, a swipe of jam and a bunch of berries. Couldn’t be easier. Couldn’t be better. Make it and let me know what you think. Story and recipe in link in bio - xoDorie . .

Paris, France

Working on a new cookie, something I haven’t done in a while. I’d almost forgotten how, even when there are only a few ingredients, there are so many variables, so many ways to play with flavor and texture. So many small things - setting the temperature a little higher or a tad lower; baking the cookies a minute or two more or less; upping or reducing the sugar - can make a big difference. It’s the joy of baking. Sometimes it’s the frustration of it too. . . .

Paris, France

I’m getting ready to send out an all-Paris newsletter. If you’re not on my list, sign-up now at doriegreenspan.com . .this beauty is by @huguespouget of @hugovictor_paris . .

I love this cake and think you will too. I first had one like it in Rome (at @rosciolicaffe )and kept dreaming about it until I finally came up with this recipe. The cake’s got great texture, a lot of good lemon flavor and it’s easy and fun to bake. A perfect summer cake. The story and recipe are in Enjoy! xoDorie . .photo by @gentlandhyers for @nytimes . .

Paris, France

I woke up in Paris this morning to the news that beloved cookbook author Maida Heatter had died at the age of 102. While I’d never met her, she was a force in my life - I credit her with teaching me to bake. And I’m not the only one who felt this way about her, @marthastewart48 did too. I was honored to write the foreword to her latest book because it gave me the chance to share a little of what she meant to me. This week, @fwscout wrote to say that she was celebrating the 100th!! episode of her excellent podcast @speakingbroadly I love her show - if you don’t know it, you should; it’s on @heritage_radio and it shares inspiring stories from women. Dana ends every episode by asking her guest to to a woman who has been a major influence in her life. Today, I shout out broadly to with love and gratitude for all she taught so many of us. . . . @littlebrown

Paris, France

Cooking from my book, Everyday Dorie, and having fun doing it. Because I’m always working on new things, I don’t often get to go back, but I love these dishes and make them often. 1) Oven-Charred Tomato-Stuffed Peppers, page 39; 2) Sweet and Smoky Roasted Carrots, page 214; 3) Summer Tian (about to go into the oven), page 234. I’ll be making the Cauliflower Tabbouleh, page 95, later today. Friends coming tonight - so glad to be cooking for them. . . . .

Westbrook, Connecticut

I was just signing a copy of Around My French Table from a first printing when this Erratum slipped out. I had almost forgotten about this mistake and seeing the paper, I was panic-stricken all over again. An egg was missing in the Speculoos recipe on page 406, and it was the kind of error that could send a cookbook author to bed for a year: The egg was missing in both the ingredient list AND the directions, so you’d have no way of knowing what went wrong when, instead of cookie dough, you were left with a bowl of crumbs. Thank goodness my publisher produced the erratum and corrected the error in the next printing. Glad that’s over! Thank you @hmhbooks @hmhcooks and @rux.martin for seeing me through that one. And thanks to the many, many readers who passed the word around about the missing egg - you saved countless batches of speculoos - xoDorie . . . .

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