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Give me the simple life but make it colorful! Southern California forever. 🌴coury@godandbeauty.com



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Disney gals forev!

I keep singing “What a difference a door makes” today. 🎶 I was planning on having it painted but I kinda like the contrast..🤔 What do you guys think? Leave or paint? Swipe for what it looked like last year (about the only thing that hasn’t changed is the Boston Terrier in the window). 😉 Just having the best time fixing up this house. 🙌🏻

Laylow Waikiki, Autograph Collection

Story time! Sooo...it’s 2002...I’m living with my family in Santa Clarita. My sister and I would go out to shows every other night (lots of Rooney and Rilo Kiley) and this particular night we were headed to see our friends band, The Elms, play at the knitting factory in Hollywood. When we get there, there aren’t many people except for us, the guys in Plus One (you know, the Christian boyband), And Katy Perry before she was Katy Perry. We ended up chatting and all decided to head over to the Troubadour to see if we could get into the Phantom Planet show. Katy Perry said, “Phantom Planet? I did that $#*% last night.” So I don’t know where she ended up. 😂 We all met up outside the Troubadour and listened to the band play from outside (I don’t know..we were young 😂). After this got boring they asked us to go eat at Swingers in Santa Monica (where they were staying and recording a Christmas album) so off we went. It was fun hanging out and we knew who they were before we met so it wasn’t weird or anything BUT if my daughters were running around LA with strangers I don’t know if I would be very cool with it. 😝 Anyway, I don’t remember what I ordered..I bet my sister will. Someone ordered dessert? My biggest memory from this night was when Gabe dropped a bottle of Tabasco on the ground and it shattered. I have such a strong memory of him bent down in front of me trying to clean it up and a detailed account of the holes in the knees of his Diesel (I’m sure) jeans. I absolutely thought he was cool (very Julian Casablancas those days) but didn’t think much of any of it and we all went our separate ways never to meet again for all I knew..so funny to think about now...TO BE CONTINUED because this is way too long...

Wider the pant leg, closer to God. That’s how it goes, right? 😆 Which would you rather wear forever...wide leg or skinny fit? 🧐

San Luis Obispo, California

The kids forgot to mention to Gabe that they needed to wash their hair in the bath last night. After I saw them come out with dry hair Goldie said, “Mom, it’s ok that we didn’t wash our hair. You will survive....UNLESS....like we go out with our hair and people start shouting “no more Coury Combs! Then I guess you won’t survive.” I had to laugh and then write in down in the notes in my phone. iPhone notes transcribed to Instagram captions: the new baby book. 😝

I don’t always eat cereal but when I do the box and my fancy dress match my kitchen. 😂 Having a fun summer morning with some yum cream filled @fillows! Find it at Wal-mart and be a kid again for a minute. 😊

Madonna Inn

If anyone is in the trenches with a baby, just know that you are going to BLINK and have no more diapers to change and a three year old who climbs in his own car seat. One day when you think it sounds suspiciously quiet, you’ll check to find your two children peacefully reading together but separately in their room. 😱 One day you’ll be able to wash your hair and put on your makeup and take your time picking out your outfit and you won’t even have to ask anyone to watch the kids while you do it! The newborn/toddler stage didn’t take too kindly to me. I like control and I like alone time..two things babies rip from you for two-three years. 😂 But goodness me how fast those years pass! Hang in there if you’re having a go! 💕😊


Here’s to 2 of my favorite things...Mickey Mouse & a good deal. 😜

New York, New York

Ok who else is kinda excited about wearing layers again? It won’t be for months in California so oh I’ll have to head to NYC. 😆🙌🏻


One of the very best things about getting older: wearing a gown to Disneyland and not taking even a second to wonder whether this is an odd thing to wear to a theme park. You’re the best at being YOU so go with your first instinct..even if it’s something that appears insignificant (like clothing)..it’s not. Little life choices lead to bigger life choices. 🙌🏻

Balboa Pier

Me and my angels at the beach in the happy summer combo of yellow and pink. 🎀💛

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? I’m usually a 10 minute gal but for this video I spent about :30. 😱😜

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