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Enjoying this amazing life and the people I get to live it with 🌈🌮🎶🏔💫🚀

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Don’t half love me, love me all the way. - @elohim

Green Mountain Hiking Trail

Selfies by the light of the moon 🌝 (I need a longer arm). At least we all made it in one of the shots 😂 Had fun hiking up Green Mountain under the full moon with you friends! I support all your intentions for the next month, and mine: to create one thing every day as an expression of whatever I’m feeling, learning or needing. Doesn’t matter what as long as it’s intentional! I want to do this cause I feel a deep need lately to create, express, share, and I want to follow that and give it the chance to show me something cool 😎Following our needs always does. Until the September full moon ✌🏽

Green Mountain

Decided to do an impromptu full moon hike THIS THURSDAY NIGHT at a location close to Denver. There will be communion, intention setting, beautiful summer sights, warm weather and miracles in the forecast. Hope you can come, DM me for meeting time and place.

This cloud describes the way my heart has been feeling lately.

Missing these sweet ones today and wishing they were closer. Love you Bit and Bub!! ❤️ @jennycoobs

Tough Mudder with these and the Vivax team was a blast! 8 miles + 26 obstacles later we still lookin fresh 💪🏽

Salmo, British Columbia

TB to the first time experiencing @shambhala_mf with the one and only @samshredderrr. In honor of the first day of Shams 2019, even though I’m not there this year, HAPPY SHAMS you wonderful 👽🎇Have too mush fun! 🍄 and eat some poutine for me!

I’ll just leave this here today. In short, I’m learning that letting go is the portal to I CAN. 🌱

Me in my natural habitat Also the one time I’ve worn a onesie at a festival and it’s a game changer (except the peeing part, that part sucks)

This weekend I took myself out to the woods to clear some old fluff out of my heart, which has been a bit heavy lately. I love this spot in the Poudre Canyon because there’s a place to dunk in the river, so cold I had goose bumps for minutes after getting out, a fire pit, easy drive up spots right on the water. It was so great being able to sleep right in nature, with a cushy bed AND not have to put up a tent! It was also great to practice letting go of some things I’ve been clinging to for dear life for as long as I can remember. Like worry. I don’t think I’ve ever been shown so clearly how destructive this pattern is to my joy. Or confronted so directly with the repercussions of allowing worry to reside in me. I don’t refer to things as sin much, but if there was ever a sin I’m most guilty of, or feel comfortable calling a sin, it’s worry. There’s more to share here, but I’m super grateful for what I’m being taught about letting go, on an even deeper level. A subconscious level 😳 You know what they say, in order to change the subconscious, you have to bring it into the realm of conscious awareness. That’s happening, and it’s exciting ✨

Lakewood Heritage Center

Me ina nut shell 😛 PS can it pretty please stay summer forever 🙏🏽

Stoney's Bar and Grill

Happy Birthday ya octoshark squidhead 🦑 You’re one of weirdest realist funnest humans I’ve ever met. Hope this year is as awesome as you are !🦈 Love you @audreduhmico

I don’t need a person I don’t need all the money I don’t need my dream job I don’t need more time I don’t need my best bikini body I don’t need to be creative I don’t need a pat on the back I don’t need a drink I don’t need more friends I don’t even need the sun shine on my face to be happy I only need you 🌤💖 and I have that

Today was Easter. The day we celebrate how much God loves us and how infinite that love is, unconditional, without boundaries. This day used to mean a lot of things to me that don’t matter half as much as that. God loves us more than we can imagine. I’m so thankful for that, and for the truth of it in my heart every day. We’ve been through a lot over the years, Jesus and I. I’m grateful for all of it, that he still walks with me everywhere I go, and for all I’ll continue to experience of his unconditional love.

I refuse. to give up to let fear overcome my faith to run away to hide the truth about myself to doubt anymore to be anyone else to believe in impossible to think I can’t to avoid discomfort to close myself off to stay silent to keep this woman inside me from becoming who she will be by refusing I choose. to surrender my expectations to open my heart each day to accept myself wholeheartedly to trust to love people as they are to love what is to be excited for every day and opportunity to follow my heart to take the risk to be seen to speak up to have fun! to let go to believe to become the woman I will be by choosing 💜

It really is. I’ve been growing in trust a lot lately. I still worry and stress plenty, but I’m learning that the more I trust the less the stress and worry hangs around, which I really enjoy. They’re kinda downers. Instead, I like to rest. Rest my heart in the trust that, we’ll, things will work out. Smile because I’ll only get so many days to and each one is worth getting excited about. It’s silly simple, but crazy true. It’s kinda like Domino in Deadpool, whose superpower is luck. She believes she’s lucky in everything, and so she is. I want trust to be my superpower. Trust in what you ask? In myself, in God, in the energy I create and surround myself with reflecting back to me in all kinds of magical ways, in miracles of all shapes and sizes, in love, in the process, in the act of faith itself. Trust isn’t a passive stance, it’s an active one, and when we chose faith over fear, were inviting awesome things into our lives. I truly believe that. Trust transforms us when we’re not looking. So do what’s in front of you today and trust for the rest. That’s when the magic happens. 💖💫 >fear =

One of my favorite quotes from @elizabeth_gilbert_writer I come back to this one over and over again, every time I struggle and want to make excuses or find a way out. Or don’t think I’m capable of reaching the next level that seems so far away. But the only one who limits me is me. There will always be an exit, an escape route when things get hard. Sometimes taking the escape route is the right thing to do. And sometimes it keeps you stuck in a story, habit or belief that’s too small for you. When life brings challenges, especially ones you don’t think you’re ready for, it’s future you asking current you to step up. You don’t have to do it quickly or even gracefully, you can trip and fall and slide back down and even, once in a while, and about it, but keep stepping up. If you make excuses and plead your case as to why you, for whatever this or that reason, aren’t able or meant to, you’ll do exactly that. Stay where you are. But I like growing so imma keep going 🌱

Fillmore Auditorium

Last night was the most fun 🤩 Thank you @quinnxcii for putting on an amazing show, your biggest headline to date was a HIT! I dunno how you still have a voice 😲🎶 This one was special 💖

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