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So many flavors | 📷 @freedomfirearms

Burnt Bronze @KahrFirearms CW9 👌

Custom @Spikes_Tactical SBR | Follow @GunFreaks

@highperformancefirearms: That's an awesome first build! We're stoked to be among so many great companies in what is clearly a well-researched rifle build! . @dougbmeed • • • • • My first AR-15 is officially complete! Very smooth, very nice, very fun, and VERY loud! I love it! The JP Recoil Eliminator is a BEAST! Flames out either side, and no recoil to speak of. Now what to name it?🤔 Built off an Aero Precision upper/lower/handguard, Ballistic Advantage 14.5” Barrel, @brownellsinc LW BCG, @jprifles Recoil Eliminator, Armaspec SRS, MFT Minimalist Stock, and Hiperfire Hipertouch ECLipse trigger, and of course topped with a @vortexoptics Strike Eagle 1-6, with a couple other random bits and pieces along the way.

M82 🤘 | 📷 @betrunken1

Now that is a good lookin 1911! | Via @chip_cheeto_pierce | @KahrFirearms @Auto_Ordnance

So hot! I mean look at all those guns😍 Can you name them? @buff_cookie @gallowtech

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