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All Pics and Vids are mine. 📡Reviews 🎥Video Prod 📷Photography 💡Design 📝 everyone@fourguysguns.com 👻: FGG Whitey 👻



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Lots of pistols come out of the box shooting better than average shooters can. This one is definitely in the top tier. Just my opinion. The @smithandwessoninc longboi is awesome. * * * *

Decisions decisions... in the background is waiting to see a laser that isn’t there 😂

Galileo Galileo figaro magnificooooooo 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I knew as soon as I saw this pic @temple_indexing_mofo exactly what needed to be done.

Are @sb.tactical braces going away?

You can rack it off anything. Belts, countertops, faces, holsters, satin pajamas... * * * *

First time out with the @ravencresttactical and for everyone asking, there are positives and negatives. The question I’ve gotten is comparing it to a Microtech. It’s two very different price points and there are positives and negatives to those. The analogy I would make is Ravencrest = WASR10 Microtech = AR15 Both are getting the job done. But one is a bit more precision than the other and possibly less robust. The other is a tank but heavier and looser tolerances. I like both brands and have purchased both.

What color would you dye this set? Or do you just rattlecan the whole thing?

Batbelt. @highspeedgear duty grip and poly taco @qvo_tactical holster

New rifle burrito. Seriously impressed by the build quality of this @hackett_equipment rifle bag. It’s also a shooting mat and it’s simple. Loving it.

Love the layout of this @bravocoworldwide bag... shoulder straps need some work tho... in


Where can I get it? Where can I get it? I can haz? Well, you guys hammered on @americandefensemfg long enough... the FGG ADM UIC is available in any color you want as long as it’s OD. @lawtactical folder, @geissele trigger... workhorse.

@ubisoft cannot give me a big blank wall while holding an and expect me to behave. @thedivisiongame_us with friends was fun.

Because it’s cool to me. @yankee_hill_machine on an @americandefensemfg @rosco_mfg 10.5” pistol as viewed under PVS14. 🤭 🤭 🤭

Do you run the out of a $4500 custom pistol? If you don’t... why did you get it? * * * *

This is why we can’t have nice things. Swipe to see before and after “normal use” 😂

Floating guns before it was cool (2015 colorized) LoL found this digging through a folder of old pics. That’s a brand new Warsport GPR-E pictured. For frame of reference on time.

Looks like someone’s about to get an optic change. coming off and @trijicon going on. Let the games begin.

Anyone else get comments on how they hold their rifle? It’s weird... it’s like I wasn’t taught by fudds... 😂

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