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Get naked, get dirty, get clean with my natural, Aussie made skincare. Also at @meccamaxima | @sephora EU & SEA| @ultabeauty Tag me 👉



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Yes, my scrubs are vegan. No, they aren't edible. Yes, they pair well with rosé. Via @chelseakslay

For skin perkier than a cheerleader, use my Everyday Face Moisturiser. My mix of coffee, shea butter, and vitamin E hydrates, plumps, and smooths your sweet cheeks. Ready? Okay, babe. Via @lilyleetracy 💗

You know the drill . Tell me your favourite scrub. In my language: emoji. Via @shades_of_glow

My Body Cream is a post-scrub snack for your skin. It's hydrating and vegan, but please don't eat me, . Swipe to take my top off. Via @courtney_cav + @ambassador_sev

Cruelty-free means I never test on bunnies. Only . Or dressed as bunnies.

Babes love smooth skin as much as they love beauty tips. Keep my Body Balm in your shower (or shell) and rub into wet skin after you scrub. Quickly rinse for a silky, not sticky finish. Exit looking and feeling like a goddess.

@heidimoustafa spent quality time with my Pore-ifics Kit. Things have been going smoothly ever since. 💘 Watch my stories for a sneak peek at our quality time together.

Softer skin after only one use. Pinky promise.

Keep snoozing. I’ll pick you up when you need it, . Via @thebaalm

Delete your Tinder profile: I'm the Aussie hunk you've been looking for. My A-Beauty Scrub has ingredients like 🌱Eucalyptus, 🌴Finger Lime, and 💐Kakadu Plum; native to my backyard and soon your bathroom. They naturally target pigmentation, blemishes, and breakouts. And I do all that without ever losing my accent. Crikey.

My first piece of advice: break up with whoever is making you sad. My second piece: pat, don't rub, my scrub on your face. I'm tough on your and relationships, gentle on your cheeks. Via @shardialee

Scrub your sweet spots. 💕Tell me how many times a week you scrub, . 👇 @_pelillosalamar_ via @girlgaze

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