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Glossier Inc. is a people-powered beauty ecosystem ✨ Skin first, makeup second 😀👋 Shop our products here 👇



123 Lafayette Street New York, New York

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A hydrating and delicious lip balm with the perfect berry tint? Nailed it 💅 @laurenmichellepires


@maniinvro wears Generation G matte lipstick in Zip 💋

@ina_lekiewicz’s things ✨✨✨

Brow Flick’s brush-tip detailing pen gives your brows more brow ✍️ @aliandreeamakeup ✍️ Define the arch, extend the tail, and add depth to sparse areas ✨



Glossier Boston offline editors 🎓Class of 2019


@rxfiqah in a full face of Glossier: . Boy Brow in Brown Lidstar in Moon Colorslide in Brack Lash Slick Perfecting Skin Tint and Stretch Concealer in G4 Cloud Paint in Storm Niteshine highlighter concentrate in Deep Copper and Platinum Rose Lip Gloss in Clear

Meet Kendall and Madelynn, senior environment designers at Glossier—AKA the people in charge of designing and bringing IRL Glossier experiences to life (like our stores!) . When Glossier launched in 2014, we were a tiny-yet-mighty team of 15. Today we are 200+ people strong, across offices in New York, Montreal, and London, building a new kind of beauty company from the ground up. Who are we? Well, a lot of us began like you: as customers. And we'd like for you to get to know us a little better—what we do, where we come from, and what we're excited about.

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