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Turtley the healthiest snack. 🎥 recipient @phlipvids • Submit your videos to us at gopro.com/awards for the opportunity to earn cash for your content + be featured across our social media channels. • • • Shot on Black @GoProANZ

Rhône-Alpes, France

Photo of the Day: with @antonivilloni + @kilianbron. What trails have you been riding? • • • @GoProFR


2 teams, no fixed destination. 🏄‍♂️ + @stab's "Kings of POV" is underway with @shanedorian, @anthony_walsh_ + @harleyingleby taking on whatever they can find to capture the world's best POV with @mikalajones__, @rycraike_offgridwithakid + @js35. • For more, hit the link in our bio. • • • @robbiecrawford 🎥 @GoProANZ


Photo of the Day: When it's both + . 📷 @knuckle_head with • • • @GoProJP

São Paulo, Brazil

Photo of the Day: Late night laps with @originalrafa. • • • @GoProBR

Is your mind blown? Thought so. Here’s to @es_dons. Read his captions below + swipe 👉 to learn more about how he puts his to work. • Clip 1 – We've sort of coined the term ‘Trandem’ in the cliff jumping community, it's like a tandem only there's 3 involved instead of 2. @Robert.Wall @Croulter and @johnnybbooyy sync up for perfectly executed trandem double backflips. ProTip: the clips loop perfectly if you make it a point to return the camera to the exact same location you started the shot from. • Clip 2 – @Robert.Wall opening up mid flip to enjoy the view on the way down. Using on allows endless creative options for how you want to present your footage. Occasionally, I'll edit the shot to flip with the athletes which puts the viewer into the mind of the jumper for a split second to get a feel for what they experience while you watch from the safety of your screen. • Clip 3 - One thing I love about is being able to get extremely close to the athletes and not worry about cutting them out of the frame. I ran to the cliff edge with @Robert.Wall in this shot and got extremely close to him during the apex of his jump to really bring out a cool perspective and showcase how fun of a jump these gainer corks are for him. There's a behind the scenes shot of this jump saved in my highlighted stories if you're curious about how I got it. • • •

Rima San Giuseppe

Photo of the Day: Starting Saturday on the open road with @nicholasagarla. ⛰ Where is the weekend taking you? • • • @GoProIT

The IG is now 16 MILLION strong. 💪 We're thankful for your inspiring creativity, relentless ambition, + sense of community. • Tag a friend below. We'll choose a lucky comment + send you both home with a new Black.

Paris, France

Photo of the Day: Slacking off on a Friday with @nic_louw. 🌳 • • • @GoProFR


Danger dinghies. 🚤 Hit the throttle with recipient @koopy_01 in an unconventional race on Australia's Murray River. 🇦🇺 • • • @GoProANZ


Photo of the Day: Bike park or water park? 🚲 No difference for @nikoaghazarian. 📷 @__alice_blttr • Shot on Black. • • • @GoProFR

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Photo of the Day: Rock cave or rock continent? 📷: @carlos.orenes • Shot on Black. • • • @GoProES

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Photo of the Day: Eye tricks on Mumbai trips with @igoforpro. 🇮🇳 • • • @GoProIn

Retallack, British Columbia

Elk or moose? Volume ⬆️ to hear what member @scottylaughland shared his trail with. 🚵‍♂️ • • • Shot on Black.

Labenne, Aquitaine, France

Photo of the Day: Finding shade in France with member @bibby_pics + @jejebats. 🌊 • • • @GoProFR

Les 2 Alpes

Navigate the carnage of 1000+ riders as member @kilianbron takes the win on the . 🏔Captured with stabilization from Black. 🎬 • • • @GoProFR @2alpes

Zanzibar, Tanzania

Photo of the Day: Obstacles? Not if you're member @courtintheact. ⛵️ • • • Shot on Black in


Rip around the training track with multi-time World Champion + @valeyellow46 in from Black. • • • @GoProIT


Photo of the Day: Weekend rental, who's in? 📷: @thecamofsam • • • Black @GoProID


Photo of the Day: Solar powered planes over Pavia with @solar_flight + . • • • @GoProIT

Broome, Western Australia

Checking in from the in Broome. 🇦🇺 • 1/6: with member @taiyomasuda.+ @kajsal. • 2/6: Reaching for the stars with @jf_official, @rockabond + @tingxiaochina. • 3/6: member @keahideaboitiz is taking full advantage of the empty beaches. • 4/6: ProTip: always snag the window seat. 📷 member @taiyomasuda. • 5/6: @sampilgrim finding a fit tire playground in the palm trees with @nicktroutmankayak. • 6/6: Heli doors off with @nicktroutmankayak.+ @aniolserrasolses. • • • @Australia @WesternAustralia @GoProANZ Shot on Black

Spoleto, Italy

Photo of the Day: Creativity is through the roof with @lucat10 + Black. • • • @GoProIT

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