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Life is a blessing everyday

Mr brightside

Guitar guitar guitar center

Wow our @kexp session is up now and I so happy & honored thank u kexp 🦎🦋 link in bio


To open my chakra I google centaurides

I’m thinking about the Internet in the way of.... how it simulates a culmination with a post. We experience a moment , we see or feel or hear something we like and in that moment we get the pleasure of culminating the moment further by sharing it... it is a mirror in the way that it creates a death as well. The moment has been metabolized in that share. It has reached a peak public form and - the scale of your understanding of it is echoed back by eyes that aren’t yours - opinions that have nothing to do with your experience of the moment now sit with it and alter your perspective. How do I view this moment since my hunger for the appreciation of it has passed ? Now it is a moment outside of myself, no longer being processed in a singular lens... regardless if you’re nonphased by others, there is subconscious reflection undoubtedly... how would we process moments were they to explode internally... how does the undocumented experience alter the vision of it... blah blah... carelessly being able to share unprocessed life basically just makes me curious about what would lie deeper were we to look at it without a culmination gaze

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