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Ultimate guard dog... ultimate crumb catcher! 🤣 Birdie was born to be a baby’s pup! 💕 (Pretty sure those are scrambled eggs on Bird’s head)

Lulu discovered that she loves hats & accessories and I’m definitely here for it. 👸☀️🙌

I guess somebody else was excited for too! ✏️📓❤️ Love this chick! Also, obsessed with her upper case E 🥰🥰 cutest!

Had a great day at @ktla5news & working with the @cansgetyoucooking group! But came home to a sick baby and another bigger baby needing lots of my attention. It’s 6:24pm and finally have one baby sleeping and the other well on her way... so close to getting some meeee time! 🙏❤️

Back to school doesn't have to mean back to stress! ✏️📓 I've teamed up with @CansGetYouCooking to create three delicious & nutrient-packed, kid- approved recipes that will help cut down on your prep time in the kitchen so you can spend more time with your family! 🥫

This is real life!! When Yaya has to leave early because she has kids too....and everybody has back-to-school orientation! But I work from home... and my job doesn’t stop! 😂 Is summer break over yet?!

Somebody found their new favorite thing at the park!

Shooting the new @littlemoonsociety Fall Collection today! 🌙✨💫

Maybe if I stay real quiet the tiny people that rule this house won’t find me, and I can take a minute to myself to enjoy my favorite Caramel Almond & Sea Salt @kindsnacks Mini! ❤️

Soaked our crystals in sea salt & flowers last night! And ready to supercharge them in the tonight! Easy mantra? Take this moment to let go of old hurts, release what bogs you down, and open your heart to renewed flexibility & possibilities! Brightly blessed with love, peace & positivity for all! 🌕🌟🌊💫

Treasure hunting with my babies. Feeling really grateful that this was how I got to spend my Monday afternoon. It is Monday, right?

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