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PO Box 1293 Bloomington, Indiana

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What a fantastic face.

It's National Clear the Shelters Day! Been thinking of getting a pet? Adopt one today. BABY BUB asks that you please make sure you're ready to do everything you can to ensure a happy and healthy life for your lil critter. These animals need us!

A BUBookworm since kittenhood.

BUB loves to rest, and cbdMD's CBD oil helps this magical space kitty get the calm and peaceful downtime she requirs... 20 hours a day, LOL. Get 20% off with code BUB at the link in BUB's bio (www.cbdmd.com/bub)

I get to come home to BUB every day, and this is what it's like: Clean, Cuddle, Crash.


BUBify your phone with these amazing new BUB-themed Popsocket designs, available at the link in BUB's bio. While they certainly look amazing (and make holding your phone so much easier), the best part is that 50% of every sale benefits Lil BUB's Big FUND for special needs pets.

Buckwheat's Market Garden

BUB's new friend, Vanessa the chicken.

BUB's recent test indicates that there are no more signs of infection! She will still stay on antibiotics for several weeks, but it's safe to say that BUB wins again.

Many domestic cats don't drink enough water, and BUB is one of them. This is why she exclusively eats Halo wet food, because it keeps her hydrated, and it's fine food. Definitely worth the ungodly mess she makes with it.

somebody rescue me from the constant onslaught of cuteness in my home

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