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Falcon crag. Lake District. Nice jump with a long canopy ride onto the beach. . @apexbase

sweet side view of a turbine jump the other day :) @apexbase 🎥 @renatska

Stowed off beachy. Slight crosswind down the cliff but the run helped get plenty of speration 🤘🏻 @apexbase

Fantastic night last night. 4 jumps, 3 of them new buildings for me. Cheers @tomojdavies @good2goapparel

Getting current with freefall again with my mentor and FJC crew! @ryancaulfield2267 @tangobase


Photographer @davegallagheradventures Getting this awesome shot of me yesterday. PCA jump which required josh (@mountainmanbase) giving me almost full bridle length so I could push out and create maximum distance from the rock face. @apexbase wales


2nd jump from near the summit of snowdon today Thanks @mountainmanbase for the PCA.

Drone footage of a nice little jump we opened in Wales a few weeks ago.

‘Devils kitchen’ Nice little jump Josh showed me Monday in Snowdonia. Long canopy flight with nice views and only a slightly sketchy climb down 😄 . . @apexbase

New exit opened in Wales yesterday by Hans and myself yesterday. Help from Dave and Chris. 100ft to impact, 550ft to Landing. 🧗🏻‍♀️📷@davegallagheradventures @good2goapparel @apexbase . . .

Static line deployment. Break cord doing it’s job and extracting the whole canopy before snapping and letting me fly away. New exit opened by Hans and myself yesterday. With help from Dave and Chris. 📸 @davegallagheradventures @good2goapparel

My POV footage of the Ben Nevis Jump. New exit opened by 5 of us. Without doubt the best canopy flight I’ve ever had, and probably the best canopy flight the U.K. has to offer! @apexbase

Las Vegas, Nevada

This little beauty said yes to the most important question while we were in Vegas last week 🥰

3rd time in Vegas and I FINALLY got a pic by the sign 😂 Worth getting up early and dodging the other tourists.

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