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Jeremiah Crow

Welcome to Jeremiah Crow's Creepy Collection of Curiosities! I am located at Saturday's Market in Middletown, Pa. All things Odd and Unusual.



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Saturday's Market

Get your 4 Horned Ram at a discounted price! For only one soul! Offer ends today!!

Saturday's Market

Lots o' goodness in the gift area. More weirdness to come! .

Saturday's Market

Der Wolpertinger caught during the full moon on April Fool's Day, 2013.

Middletown, Pennsylvania

Meet Ernie the bicephalic pig! His friend, Bert, has dwarfed hind .

Saturday's Market

A mortician's practice head sits on top of an antique and portable embalmer's kit. Back when house calls were a thing.

The well mannered and goofy looking Neanderthal Man.

An honest to goodness PEZ dispenser. They don't make 'em like this anymore!

Middletown, Pennsylvania

Creepy hand in jar serves as a warning.

Saturday's Market

Unzie the Albino chills next to the World's Biggest Ball of Ties. . . .

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