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Perivolas Hotel

Still one of my all time favorite hotels @perivolashotel Lessons in the beauty of white walls, a pop of color and minimalism

Santorini Greece

One of the best sunsets I’ve ever seen


Local with his horse in Mo’orea.

Belvedere Lookout, Moorea

Mo’orea mornings ⛰


Last post in my Tahitian dance series. 🌴 Thanks for following along and please check out my travel guide with photo tips to French Polynesia (and other places!) at @thosewhowander and www.thosewhowander.world


Words and photos by me in the current issue of @here.mag 〰️〰️ I have always loved to dance. I love that time itself seems to move differently when I do it, that the act invites a dialogue between space and body.  It’s more than exercise or learning steps- all over the world, dance serves as a vital form of storytelling.  During my third visit to French Polynesia, I learned that dance can represent the place it comes from.  The islands are reflected in the languid movements of dancers wearing skirts made of palm leaves dried on the beach and crowns of foraged flowers.  These processes haven’t changed for hundreds of years, despite the impact of British and French colonial rule, when Tahitian dance was outlawed on the ground that it was “lascivious.” The tradition finally made a resurgence in the 1950s.  Today, despite the impact of modernization around the islands, there are at least 30 schools in French Polynesia that teach it, reviving a cultural cornerstone that was almost lost to a history of oppression. Manoarii Taufa and Williams Teraitua fell in love in their hometown of Mo’orea, where he taught her to dance.  The couple’s free movement and handmade costumes are emblematic of a culture rooted in a connection to nature – and their dance serves as both memory and celebration of all that was endured to reach where it is now. - Jessica Sample


I’m thrilled to share my photo essay on Tahitian dance in the current issue of @here.mag These photos explore how a culture’s dance, from the costumes to movements, can teach us about the place from which it comes. This is my second project in a series exploring dance culture around the world that started by photographing ballet dancers in Havana, Cuba. Please pick up the current issue of @here.mag and stay tuned for more from this project 〰️〰️〰️ Thank you @emmaglassmanhughes @chloescheffe @taufamanoarii

Point Reyes National Seashore

Cypress grove tunnel at sunset

Estero Trail

My fifth time in Point Reyes and still discovering new and amazing trails in the national park like this one, Estero Trail, which is now my new favorite

McClures Beach

Beach picnic at McClure’s beach in Point Reyes along with several elk sightings

Cayos Zapatilla

Take me back to the crystal clear waters of Zapatilla Island

Casco Viejo

From Casco Viejo, the old city, looking towards the new city

Isla Bastimentos

Last light in Isla Bastimentos

American Trade Hotel

to this fun shoot in for @coastal_living This is the entrance to @danilosjazzclub at the @amtradehotel designed by the super talented @communedesign

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