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Corso Gaetano Scirea 50 Turin, Italy

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Stadio Tardini Parma

When you start the season with a win 💪

Stadio Tardini Parma

OUR JOURNEY BEGINS WITH THREE POINTS!!! 💪⚪️⚫️ Presented by @officialpes .

Stadio Tardini Parma

The Bianconeri are here! 😍⚪⚫

Allianz Stadium

⏸ Let's take a moment to relive THAT season opener against Parma in 2011 ⏮😍💭

The journey starts today ⚪⚫

The journey starts again!

Just 1️⃣ day to go! Tomorrow, it all starts again... ⚪️⚫️

All thumbs up 👍👍 on the @frecciarossaofficial to Parma! 🛤

➖✌ until the season begins! Are you ready, Bianconeri? 💪

Opening day Trezegols! ⚽

@stephanlichtsteiner ➕ Parma ➕ First @seriea match = 🎰

➖3️⃣ days to go until we're back! ⏳⚪⚫ Excited, Bianconeri? 🙌


🇹🇷 ⚪⚫

📅 2016/17 & 2018/19 @sami_khedira6 loves to get us off the mark in @seriea! ⚽

@cristiano was back to training with the group today! 🙌

Which one are you in your group of mates? 👇

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