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jase elzinga❤︎

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Kauai was so amazing and beautiful, I already wanna go back! 🌺 So grateful for my family for makin it so much fun:) ••••••• Alsoooo I had to steal a cute pic of my boy and share it because he’s been out 1 month (and a couple days)!!! 🥰 I’m so proud of the man that he is and his amazing example to serve the Lord & others💕 Love ya, Elder Elzinga :)

@shawnmendes you’re one dreamy dude 🥰 @kyliesaxtonn.. thanks for falling to the ground with me multiple times during the concert💕 @kenzikim_...thanks for yelling at us to get up because you were embarrassed ❤️ Love you both

Manchester, New Hampshire

Michael Jase Elzinga.... Thank You

The Lantern Fest

I just gotta say...the Lantern Festival was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen... ya know next to my best friends ❤︎ I love these girls more than I can say ❤︎

last Prom with my favorite boy :’)✨🖤

Thumbs up to being 18, I love you best frienddd❤️

43 days everyone!


Happy Birthday stud:) 🎉❤️

Thanks for going with me Easton! 💕

BEST group ever, BEST date ever🎊

Sun Valley Pavilion

Hey @bretteldredge I love u, best night of my life

Thunder Stadium

Proud to be a Knight ❤️🖤


He’s always such a gentleman:) Prom was so good thanks to this cute boy❤️ Thanks for takin meee:):)

Sweethearts w my sweetheart ❤️😍

Haha @kyliesaxtonn same. Merry Christmas from Buddy and I💙

Always laughin with this guy, thanks for coming with me Jase:)

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