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@v4jor.sisters @vargasjordanmusic Guatemalteca 💙 Amante de la música 🎶 Enamorada de la vida 💗

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Guatemala Department

It’s okay to live a life others may not understand, create and enjoy your own path! ✨💛 . . .

Let your light shine! ✨ . . . .

Live your life loving every second of it! 💕 . . .

Working on myself, for myself, by myself 💕 . . . guatemalteca

Let’s live like flowers 💐... Wild, beautiful and drenched in light ✨ . . .

Music in nothing but love 💜 @v4jor.sisters with @get_repost ・・・ In this video we wanted to show that music really transcends languages. It doesn’t matter whether you’re talking in Korean, or Spanish, music is a language that we can all talk and find comfort with.BTS communicates with us through music and love for ourselves, most importantly they encourage and inspire their fans to find their true passion, they stay true to themselves and believe in their music every single day. We wanted to thank them for that inspiration. We certainly hope you like it! . For the full video check the link in the bio! 💛 . . . . . . . . . . . @bts.bighitofficial

Keep looking up ✨ That’s the secret of life! ♥️ . . .

Happy birthday to the most beautiful, kind and loving soul I’ve ever known! 🥳 thank you for make our life’s a perfect adventure! You’re an Amazing woman and I’m sure everything that will comes to your life it’ll be the greatest! ❤️ I love you with all of my ❤️! And you’ll always be my little princess 👸 ❤️ . . .

Gracias a todas las personas que hacen de mi vida algo maravilloso! 💕 Ame y disfrute mi sorpresa, decoración, fiesta, comida, regalos y sobre todo la compañía de cada uno. Gracias!!! ❤️ Los quiero y adoro inmensamente a todos! 💖 (Aunque me hacen falta algunas personitas muy importantes en las fotos, ellos y ellas saben quienes son ❣️) . . .

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