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Mayor of Zero F**Ksville. 2-Time Emmy & Grammy Award Winning Comedian. 2-Time NYT Bestselling Author. 23 Televised Specials. 1 Feature Film.


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‪Happy 40th Birthday, Bobby from Sarasota! 🎂 🎁 ‬

Guys, this is one of those times where we unite and use this social media platform for good. IG is great for memes, selfies, and self-promotion, but it is also a powerful tool to educate, unite, and create a safer world for everyone. Check out my IG Stories to get more information on how you can help with the that’s being destroyed as we speak. It’s time to get serious about saving this planet!! @rainforestalliance @unitednations

Elliot, what’d u do?

Number 9 is nothing short of a miracle. You guys made this happen! No studio and no advertising budget. Truly an independent film. Thank you! @ahellofastory @apnews Link in bio.

Orange Dumbass may not be able to buy Greenland, but don’t worry! You guys are free to buy these right now! store.kathygriffin.com

Olivia’s first BBQ rib. I think she’s in heaven? (Don’t worry, we didn’t give her the bone!)

‪C’mon people. August 2016. Maggie pushing me into the pool from her wheelchair with such delight! I love this photo. I hope you do too.

I laughed so hard when recorded these. You’re going to LOL!

See my IG stories. How many can you name?

Jumpsuit by @karllagerfeld . Belt by @katespadeny necklace by @ericacourtneyofficial shoes (I know you can’t see them in this picture) by @lamb @gwenstefani

See my IG stories...

RIP the legend. Peter Fonda

‪Put on my best dress in honor of @maiseltv, show creator , and @rachelbrosnahan

I loved getting the opportunity to discuss @ahellofastory with @yettakurland at @mm_jccmanhattan last night. Go buy the movie on @amazonprimevideo now! Link in bio.

I’m so happy to see @whitneycummings has a doll @whitneysrobot and encouraged her/it to purchase my new film @ahellofastory (not to mention she/it visited my merch store). What a treat! Make sure to check out Whitney’s new comedy special ?

Make sure to grab a digital copy of @ahellofastory on @amazonprimevideo! It’s also available on DVD! Link in bio.

Number ONE in the documentary genre! Climbing up in COMEDY genre & overall @appletv @itunes categories!!! OMG. THANK YOU

As always, thanks for the beautiful cut & color @hairbydavidnyc!

I’ve never had bonus footage before...how fancy!! Get the 26-minute post show discussion with acclaimed First Amendment attorney @tboutrous when you buy @AHellofaStory on @AppleTV. Link in bio.

Ladies and gentlemen, my film @ahellofastory is officially available to purchase!

I love you Amy! This melted my heart.

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