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What all guns should be. Kimber is America's premier firearms maker. ••• $100 Rebate on all EVO SP purchases through Sep 30. 👇



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Left or Right? RAPIDE or Super Jägare? @nationalsportinggoods

Would you ever consider making this K6s Stainless 3” your edc? @mountainginger.adv

Would you like to take this Micro 9 to the range?

Would you like to get behind this Open Country (Granite) in 6.5 Creedmoor?

.45 ACP or 10mm? How would you prefer the RAPIDE?

How do you carry your Kimber? @mrwroten

Would you carry this Micro Raptor Stainless in .380 ACP as your edc? Have a good weekend! @jonbz1000

Top, Middle, or Bottom?

Wednesdays are for wheel guns and ___________. Finish the sentence! @thesportsmansloft

Caption this photo please! @la_contea_armeria

What do you think of this collection of Kimber firearms?

On a scale from 1 to 45, what do you give this Super Match? @gun.ghostage

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