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Dos Mexicanas

The Lantern Fest

Stars looked extra good Saturday night

Rome, Italy

Leave it to us to plan a Europe trip in a few days and pull it off✌🏼 Ti amo lots

Ciao bella ciao ciao ciao

Paris, France

Paris, it’s always a pleasure

Nice, France

Been livin in a dream and can’t wake up

Noosa, Queensland

It’s always spring break when you’re a college dropout ’day

Sydney, Australia

Rumor is they send the wild ones to Europe. Not you tho @kiarapauga15

Olympic figure skating team coming in 2020 ⛸

Thanks for killing all the spiders and letting me back into my room every time I lock myself out. HBD MAR LOVE YOU FOREVER

Sydney, Australia

Australia just keeps getting better!!

Bye Europe, love ya!!!👋🏼

Thanks liv for living in Hawaii so we could come visit✌🏼

Welcome home col❤️

Senior trip🎡🏖🎢

Wouldn't want to spend my last homecoming with anyone else! Thanks for the best night cole❤️

Finally got our acceptance letter from Hogwarts🔮

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