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KITTEN LADY👸🏼🍼🐱 Kitten rescuer, humane educator + bestselling author changing the world for tiny felines. Founder @orphankittenclub TINY BUT MIGHTY⬇️


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Have you ever made a “kitten kit” full of fostering supplies? This is a fun activity you can do for your local rescue or shelter! Learn all about it in my new video at bit.ly/kitten-kits ♥️

It’s genuinely hard for me to believe that anyone still thinks it’s okay to buy a kitten from a . Vulnerable, innocent kittens are dying by the masses, and dedicated advocates are pouring their entire lives into spay/neuter initiatives to try to stop that. What a slap in the face it is to know that there are still people who knowingly contribute to the problem. Here’s a term that drives me nuts: “reputable .” What is reputable about intentionally bringing more kittens into a world where hundreds of thousands of kittens are being euthanized? If you’re unsure about your feelings on this issue, I encourage you to go stand in the intake room of your local municipal shelter during kitten season. Listen to the reverberating cries of kittens calling out for help—kittens who will die through no fault of their own. See their eyes scan the room for any source of comfort or hope. Truly digest the magnitude of suffering kittens in this country face. Then tell me it’s reputable to bring more kittens into the world while those kittens die. Look at Firecrown. Is she not worthy of love, of life? You can’t do better until you know better. But once you know better, there is no excuse. Taken from page 58 of my book, TINY BUT MIGHTY: “When we throw our trash on the ground, it may feel like an innocuous act, but our litter doesn’t disappear—it floats downstre. Somewhere someone is suffering the consequences of our actions. Somewhere there is an island of garbage accumulating, whether we see it or not. Having spent years trying to clean up the unimaginably monolithic tragedy of overpopulation, I struck by the fact that the average cat fan might not know that to purchase from a is to add another life to the pile.”

Last month I taught a Kitten Kit Workshop at @silicatvalley convention, and IT! WAS! EPIC! Together, we built dozens of supply kits for foster parents containing everything needed to start fostering. Watch the full 12 minute video to learn about what supplies I included in the kits and why, and see a fun montage of the event! Full video at bit.ly/kitten-kits 🥰

Love animals? 🐾 Don’t just sit there...lend a paw and save lives! This BRAND NEW enamel pin just got added to the Kitten Lady shop and it is just adorable. Designed by the amazing @meganlynnkott, with shipping available worldwide! Kitten not included. Shop now at kittenlady.bigcartel.com 💖

Guess who I visited today? 🐷 You guessed it: baby JOSHUA! I typically rescue neonatal kittens, but this spring I rescued my first neonatal orphan piglet! Joshua was only 1 pound when I took him in, but he is now a whopping 50 POUNDS. Today we visited him at @farmanimalrefuge and brought him his favorite treats: strawberries + melon. I also got to meet their six new rescued piglets, one of whom (Josie) reminds me so much of baby Joshy. I absolutely covered in mud from head to toe, and that’s A-OK with me! More photos in my story. 💖

Firecrown and I are over here with our jaws dropping because we just found out that TINY BUT MIGHTY, in addition to being a New York Times bestseller, has also made it to number 3 on the Wall Street Journal bestseller list and number 1 on Publisher’s Weekly. WHAT! Is this real life? Seeing my ne listed next to my hero @brenebrown has got my mind swirling. Her work on vulnerability sets the tone for all of the work I do, but I never thought I would see my ne next to hers. Wow. It is an honor. I had high hopes for this book, but I also a realist—I never dared dre it would go this big. Most books on bestseller lists are about more broad topics of interest, like how to get rich, or how to cope with modern life. Animal welfare has historically been considered a fringe interest, but I feel genuinely overjoyed to see that something I’ve written is resonating with a larger audience. All I know is that the world could use a little hope and empowerment. The message of TINY BUT MIGHTY isn’t just about kittens—it’s about how mighty change comes from tiny actions. Movements are made of individuals, and our small acts of compassion and kindness genuinely do add up. If that message makes it mainstre, then I will have done more than I ever dreed I could do.

(Volume up!) Have you listened to the audiobook version of TINY BUT MIGHTY? It’s a ten hour journey of advocacy and adventure narrated by me—and boy is it a fun, emotional ride! Here’s a one minute sample: the story of a little kitten I rescued in Peru. If you’ve listened to the audiobook, I’d love to hear your comments below! If you haven’t listened yet, you can download it wherever you listen to your audiobooks (Audible, Google Play, etc!)

My exact face when I found out that TINY BUT MIGHTY is officially a New York Times bestseller!!! WHAT! Words can’t begin to express how incredibly excited this makes me for the future of feline welfare. The tiniest and most vulnerable felines are having their story told, and their voices are being heard louder than ever before. This is a movement—and I so grateful to be a part of it with you. Yes, YOU! You can find TINY BUT MIGHTY wherever books are sold, or online as a hardcover, e-book, or audiobook. Thank you for fighting for the little guys!

Big announcement: I will be a guest on @npr’s Fresh Air with Terry Gross tomorrow! I’m a long-time listener of public radio and have always loved Terry’s thoughtful and intimate approach to interviewing guests—it was genuinely a huge honor to have an opportunity to speak with her about kitten care, TNR, and my new book, Tiny But Mighty!

Almost every day I hear someone say “I reached out to my local shelter/rescue for help with a kitten, and no one responded because no one there actually cares.” Friends, this attitude has to change. Let’s talk about it! I understand how frustrating it is to discover the difficulties of finding resources for kittens. Trust me, I get it—110%. That said, we need to speak more kindly about our local rescuers and groups, and to become both empathetic and empowered to be part of the solution. The truth is that for many shelters and rescues, the simple administrative burden of even responding to endless requests during kitten season can be overwhelming and impossible as they try to do the most they can with the resources they have. But this does not mean they do not care. On the contrary, those already in the trenches often care too much and take on too much...that’s why they may not have time to respond to every inquiry! Animal welfare workers experience a high incidence of and depression, particularly during kitten season, because there is an unfair expectation that they have to do it all. It really is true: the more you do, the more you’re asked to do. And the more you’re asked to do, the more you feel like no matter how much you do, you’ll always be falling short. We shouldn’t reinforce those ideas—we should dismantle them. Shelters and rescues are doing the most they can with the resources they have, and if they aren’t doing more, it’s because they need more people power! That means the frustration you feel with your local resources can be an incredible catalyst for personal empowerment and action. While it’s easier to point a finger, it’s much more effective to lend a hand. And when we all lend a hand, we find that we can have such a greater impact when we all work together. ♥️

TINY MOUF 💖 BIG HEART! When my cat Eloise is really happy, her mouth gets verrrrrrry smol. What does your cat do to show happiness? Photo by @iamthecatphotographer 💕

We call these two “the twins” because they are almost completely identical! I swear—you can give me a group of ten black kittens and I can usually tell them apart instantly. But these girls just have such similar features and personalities that it really does take a minute to figure out who is who, even for me. Purple Crown Fairy (left) has a few tiny wispy black hairs on her cheeks, and Sunbeam (right) has just a few white hairs on the tip of her tail. These two are together all the time and are such silly sisters! ♥️

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