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And here we have it , the blue was a little too blue for me , I think popping the edges helped! These two Options are now available on my website 🙌🏻 kochtools.com

Oh what’s that justin ? You want to Cerakote some stuff ? Here’s another pass of doom for duncansville.

These little kiridashis have been a pile a fun. What finish would you all like to see on them ? I considered busting out the spray gun and doing some Cerakote.

Heat treat day 🔥

CPM154 anyone ???! These are going to be fun.

Pre-order is open and off to a great start ! Can’t wait to get these in all of your hands. Thanks again for the support and patience 🙌🏻👊🏻

Just found this 3/8” Brass OG Solo hiding out and refinished it. It’s $75 to whoever wants it ! First come first serve in the comments 👊🏻

@mrjonhayes Sunday’s gear, makers are tagged.

Live now on my website 👊🏻

A few more flavors of these Kap Lifter models are available 👊🏻 what other large models would you like to see printed ??

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