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St. George, Utah

Lovin the sun 😋

Coalville, Utah

I really heart my family

Hey tan, thanks for coming home, I kinda missed you

Alpine, Utah

@miles.leav does it again 🤩🤩

Utah Lake

10 🦟 bites and counting

Seattle is stealing my best friend for a quick 2 and all I’m saying is they better return him as goofy as I left him. I love you Carson Tate and I couldn’t be more proud❣️❣️

American Fork, Utah

If you didn’t see everyone fall on me in the mosh pits were you even at prom ? Thanks for such a fun night Jesse I had a blast !

Utah Lake

Yo finally got to wear some heels cause my dates literally a foot taller than me🥳 thanks for coming Ian I had the best time !!

COLD-ass Honkies

I’m excited for everyone to make fun of me for being in the water again


Sadie’s with this cute boy!! Thanks for letting me party with you Booner🤩

Cliffs of Moher

Hehehe claw hands

Cold Lake, Alberta

Good ol’ Utah 🌲

Lately I’ve been trying to figure out what my Heavenly Fathers plan is for me. It’s difficult for me to understand why things go the way they do sometimes and I feel like my prayers are answered in the way I don’t want them to be, and it’s hard for me to see the blessings that come out of these trails while they are happening. On May 28 of 2016 my friend Beau Richey was involved in an ATV accident and lost his life. November 24 of 2017 we lost Keaton Smith too after days of praying and fasting for his recovery. I remember being so angry at the lord for not answering my prayers the way I wanted them to be answered. So many of us felt like Keaton was going to be okay, a lot of us ce together in a group and prayed for him. We prayed that he would be okay and that he could keep fighting, but our savior had a different plan for him than we wanted. After a lot of prayers, I realized him and Beau were meant to be Christ’s missionaries, and they were meant to share his gospel but that it would be to those who didn’t have the chance to except it on this earth. I look back at the drives I got to go on with Keaton and the j sessions we had and I wish I could go back and really live in that moment. Beau’s laugh was contagious, there wasn’t a moment he wasn’t being a happy kid and sharing his cute smile. I still don’t know why either of these things had to happen, but it has changed my testimony so much and I’m grateful for that part of it. I know that no matter what happens our Heavenly Father is there for us. I know that through the hard times and the trials that we have all faced, heavenly Father has stuck by us the whole time. These were the moments in my life where I felt the most love, no matter what I do I still feel these two boys watching over me and helping me along the side our savior. I so thankful for a living and loving prophet and for his exples. I’m thankful for my eternal fily and my azing friends who have helped me gain a better testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I’m so thankful for his gospel that guides me through life, and I’m thankful for the memories I was able to share with Beau and keat.

One amazing brand with one amazing purpose(:

Prom with Jack !!

beautiful views

Losing a big piece of our family for the next 2 years is going to be . Tanner is the most amazing, most kind hearted older brother you could ask for, His testimony has grown so strong over the past year. I have never been so proud of his decision to serve the Lord and to teach the gospel to those who are in need. Super grateful for my eternal family and this amazing gospel. Georgia is getting the best. See you in 2 elder❤

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