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私人账户,中国营销号们请要脸!勿无耻盗图!谢谢! TW:luhu731(release different pics)📧37206634@qq.com. Its personal page,plz don't use my pics without any asking,thanks!



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& They are brothers but this style looks like a sweet couple 🤣🤣 - -

:"mom always wake up too late at weekends,but i m waiting for !" - -

:"brother and me all waiting snack of meat canned!!" - -

:"i m 7 years old! yeah! congrats myself to get it about this age! it's not easy for me cause I was not born a healthy baby with incurable diseases,it's big day to my family 🎉🍻🎂🥳🎈 btw i m a BOY, that cake shop made a mistake 😂 😂 ~~" - -

Someone is really love and i really don't know who is this . He or she paid largest advertising screen in Beijing tonight for greeting Luhu's birthday 🎂! How is nice Luhu's fans! Thanks stranger 💜! - -

:"happy weekend!listen to my brother 's snoring ... how z loud ...😦" - -


:"Oops,cats everywhere at my new home ..." - -

learned how to get upstairs of new home with used 3 minutes,but ,he get it about used whole week 🤣cause Luhu really has no guts😂😂... - -

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