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💉Reg Nurse🏋🏼Certified PT🏆Bikini Pro 📝NYT Best Seller💍Wife to @theiobot 📬Biz: Management@laurendrain.com 💪🏽Workout Programs/Meal Plans Below


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New YouTube video now - LlNK lN BlO - I discuss the struggles of my 1st and 2nd trimester diet and workouts and how I’ve had to modify training for my pregnancy symptoms and safety for my baby girl. Don’t forget to subscribe and comment any questions and comments you have for future topics for me to cover. Wearing @fitangelcollection coming soon.

Grand Isle Resort & Spa

Before the bump made its debut😎 In this photo in the ☀️

Excited to show you my @fitangelcollection leggings & spots bras😘 The comfiest set you’ll ever own, I promise🤗 www.fitangelcollection.com Models: @laurendrainfit @toriprincess

‼️PLEASE READ‼️ Patience is one of the hardest aspects of getting to your goals but it’s one of the MOST IMPORTANT. If you aren’t patient, you won’t be able to handle the ups & downs, the cravings, the soreness, fatigue, or the seemingly minimal changes seen week to week. You will get frustrated, anxious & give up or talk yourself out of every chance you have to succeed. Every excuse will seem like an easy & tempting out. You have to know in your heart & your mind that you WILL achieve your goals even when it seems really far away. If you face a roadblock, get creative & reroute your game plan. You must be confident & positive ESPECIALLY when your patience is wearing thin or doubts creep in. SMILE at your former or future self because you KNOW YOU CAN & WILL. Focus yourself into your dreams. Don’t expect some magical motivation to comfort you every step of the way. It doesn’t work like that. You must CONTEND for your dreams. You have to fight against comfort & ease. You must BELIEVE in yourself & tell yourself you will achieve it every step of the way ESPECIALLY on hard days or setbacks. Mind over will get you there. I know I can get back to this or better after baby. It’s a mentality I need as well as the patience. The struggles & stories behind your goals will make it so much more beautiful to you! PROMISE 😏 Shot by @ohrangutang x @cristinapilo

Grand Isle Resort & Spa

The reason girls be training 2-3x/week - For that Sandy Cheeks Squeeze The Bum Pose at the beach 😝 photo | @theiobot 🙈

Las Vegas, Nevada

Walking into the weekend like 💃🏼 Did you know, this is 15min outside of Vegas😏 Photo by: @theiobot

Me versus Other IG Girls (swipe) Food Shopping > Designer Bags 😂 🥬🥥🌽🍓🍗> 🛍🎁

Beast Mode Workout with my @sweetsweat workout enhancer and waist trimmer. Swear up to 4x as much, increase circulation to your muscles and calorie expenditure as your heart rate elevates. Use LAUREN20 for DlSC0UNT @sweetsweat and check out their limited edition newest scent citrus mint! 🍋🥬🍋🥬💦💦💦💦

What do y’all think? I had to share with you all my hair extension transformation from beads to natural rows by @stella.komihair in Las Vegas! Stella is 1 of 300 in the world licensed to perform these seemless extensions perfect for any hairstyle or updo. No more visible beads! No more hair breakage or beads sliding off! In love with my @naturalbeadedrowextensions done at @komi.hairsalon Song: @taylorswift “You Need To Calm Down”

The Hoover Dam

Lake Day with Max. Getting busy making gains. Did you know women secrete human growth hormone when pregnant? Good for baby gains & mamas muscle gains too! Busy growing baby, belly & peach 🙈💪🏽🍑

OH MY GOSH! It’s a GIRL! 💕 So surprised & happy I cried happy tears. Comment your best girl names now!⬇️ My heart is so full & we’re beyond excited! @theiobot

Double tap for Whelp we made it! Our 6 year wedding anniversary... ❤️❤️ May our ups always outshine any downs. May our adventures continue to be spontaneous and exciting! May we continue to make eachother laugh until it . May we strive to protect our future little . May we continue to try our hardest and remain the best of friends always. May you continue to love my form of crazy. 😝 Swipe to see how to make babies... 🙈😝 @theiobot

Got a chance to hit a full workout with my new @jaybirdsport Vista headphones 🙌🏼 You know me, I can’t workout without music 🙈 Try this either at the gym or at home, 3 rounds of 10-12 reps per movement with 1 minute rest between rounds😊 And check out these headphones, some of the smallest on the market that are fully waterproof & with a 6 hour battery life

TUNE into my episode on @ohoneydiary today with queen of comedy @amandacerny & IG beauty @sommerray discussing topics like my former cult life, balancing fitness & nursing & how social media affects lives & relationships🙈 Females KILLin’ it, lets go!

Studio 989

Which is your favorite? Straight or Wavy? So obsessed with my new @naturalbeadedrowsextensions put in by @stella.komihair at @komi_hair_salon here in Vegas. The rows are sewn in and hair can be worn in any style or updo so no more beads showing ever! Only 300 hairstylists in the world are licensed to do these type of extensions right now so if you’re ever in Vegas go see my girl @stella.komihair or book a trip for long lasting perfect extensions.

Let me brighten up your day with a cheesy line & a photo ☀️🙈

Ladies can you see it?🙈 Some mornings I still had my abs & flat tummy, some times a small bump & other times full belly bloat😱 This is my afternoon 11 week bump🙂

🚨BRA RESTOCK ALERT! 🚨 @fitangelcollection restocked all colors in all sizes! XS, S, M, L and XL! Get them now before they sell out! www.fitangelcollection.com to get your matching set for 15% off! @fitangelcollection

Some would say I look thick, I say I look about 11 weeks pregnant 🙈 It’s crazy how much my fluctuates between morning & afternoon, but I’m embracing the changes 🤗

🎉THE BIG NEWS!🎉 Yes, some of you guessed it! We're extremely excited & I’m definitely a little nervous to announce that a little Kagan Piggy/Gummy Bear is on its way come early 2020! We have been sitting on this news for 16 weeks now but feel its time to share with you all!😁 We can't wait to meet our little creation!👶🏼 My page will forever be fitness inspo related so not only will a mini me (or mini Dave @theiobot ) be here 2020 but soon after my fit mama transformation! 💪🏽

Las Vegas, Nevada

Just out here lookin for my horse by the old town road🐎 Shot by: @theiobot

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