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I love water colors, nightgowns, porridge, hairless pets and telling u 2 much about me



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Wales- thank you for the summer of my dreams. I never liked camp. I’ve never enjoyed vacation. But to live and work in your green fields and gothic halls was the greatest detox of this lifetime (not a food detox. All I ate was cakes and crisps.) Thank you for welcoming me with open arms and teaching me the adjective “lush” to describe anything at all. It was, indeed, the lushest of times. Til soon 🐉

Today I have the joy of announcing my new company, Good Thing Going Productions. We have been quietly forming this company for a year, filling our slate with projects (and more on the way!) that are a true expression of what I love- telling stories about complex and thorny people -mostly women- and the way they move through the world. I couldn’t do this alone. Especially as a woman who battles daily with her body, I rely on this fleet of geniuses: @marissaconqueso @lizwatsontots @michaelpcohen & @soham_j. We named our company to remind ourselves that’s what we have: a chance every day to do what we love. It’s a reminder of gratitude in a world that demands we ask for more, more, more. But these collaborators and these opportunities are enough, and they’re worth celebrating daily. Now, can someone please convince my coworkers that we need an office pig? I mean, really... So, please share in the comments what YOUR most exciting new venture is... even if it’s from your bed. Especially if it’s from your bed. 🎥📝🛏 (Photo cred: @albertozanetti77 @dominomag)

I picked this place from a thumbnail picture. A rental on the second floor facing the street, directly across from where a group of liberal arts students smoke and shout. I didn’t know about the beauty of the building, its eccentric internal culture, the storied residents. I have friends on floors 4, 5, 8, and 17. So. Many. Funny. Dogs. When I come home in a gown and Ugg boots and collect my mail, the old man on a stool in the lobby just nods. I don’t think I can ever leave. More on @DominoMag in the link up top!

New York, New York

Home is where the cozy is. Thanks @dominomag for a beautiful day in my New York digs. Mi casa es su casa. ❤️ My thoughts on home and a peek inside in the link in my bio! . @dominomag, interior decoration by @arielokin, photography by @albertozanetti77, produced by @kateberryberry, fashion styling by @chrishoran20

Forced her to go in and out and in and out of this Instagram machine. UK- I'm saying goodbye to you for a little while! It's been real! Coming atcha next NYC. My most adventurous year yet continues...

Waxed poetic about youth, beauty, and learning gen-z makeup tricks from @irisapatow in the latest @voguemagazine. Love you lots Iris. ❤️ Article in the link up top!

Monday mood anyone? This image brings me peace and will also be the theme of my eventual wedding to myself.

Life update: Directing from the floor in my @mollygoddard dress

She rose like a phoenix from the ashes, ... and ended up in London. 💥🔥🧡

If you write an essay about a week before publication, then you should be prepared for all couples to have recoupled and broken your heart. My thoughts, regardless, on Love Island and my love, an island, are in @guardianweekend. Link’s up up top. 💞🏝

Los Angeles, California

It’s not every day I get to wear a mumu, go barefoot, flirt with , and join a cult... as a job. Today comes out. Get thee to the theater to see this gem of cinematic history. More @onceinhollywood fun facts up in my stories. ⭐️

That time I tried to be a beach baby with @lizwatsontots...but turns out I’m less buns out and more sourdough. @voguemagazine

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