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Mark Ruffalo

A husband, father, actor, director, and a climate change and renewable energy advocate with an eye out for love and hope. Please, enjoy my photos.


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Don’t skip leg day 😅

Happy Birthday to my pal, @taikawaititi 😘🎉

Love you too 💗

An absolute win:  out now on Blu-ray!

Happy from me and Inky, who has decided to start earning his keep by helping me read lines for I Know This Much Is True 🖊😻

The Hulk by Ben, 14 years old, Iowa. How talented is he? 💚🎨

When the fate of the universe is in your hands 🤜💥🤛 is out on Digital today!

Diving into the week like…🤸‍♂️

Women are on the frontlines in our fight to solve the . The @100isNOW awards was created to celebrate everyday heroes at the forefront of our transition to 100% clean energy. P.S. Why does @doncheadle get to have all the fun?

An inspiring day spent exploring the art at @mildredslane, an amazing hub of creativity and community in the blessed Catskills. If you’re in the area, it’s a must-see 🎨🌱 @ginasiepel

to a beautiful day with @mastergia. With summer in full swing, who is heading to the beach this weekend? 🏖

Mood when is over but also when @chrishemsworth insists on comparing muscles 💪😣

Remember to get plenty of sleep before you arrive at , like my friends from work did in 2017 😴

Had an amazing Sunday fried chicken dinner at @therealunclebrother last night in Hancock, NY, with great art by 🍗🎨

What’s happening here? 🤔 Wrong answers only.

End the camps. . Callicoon, NY.

Students from across the country are in Miami this weekend for @thisiszerohour’s . Really proud of the folks involved training more young people to be climate justice advocates 💪🌎💚

Thank YOU, @amazonfrontlines and the Waorani people for doing everything in your power to protect our rainforests. Let’s help them hit their goal of 500,000 signatures. Sign the Petition with the link in my bio ⬆️

Happy ! Here’s another round of amazing pieces from fans all over the globe 🎨

Happy ! 🇺🇸🍑

Today the Waorani people go to court to save half-a-million acres of forest from oil and they need our support. ‬‪I stand with the Waorani and today I ask you to do the same. Please sign the petition at the link in my bio 👆🏼

MOCAP suit Monday 👾

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