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Historical day today in Sacramento! AB 392 was passed & signed by Governor @gavinnewsom. It’s been a long process that wouldn’t have happened w/o amazing Dr Shirley Weber, I cant say enough about her persistence.. AB 392 is a Police Procedure Bill.. From now on every Cop in California will have to exhaust all options b4 using deadly force, which hopefully mean no more killing unarmed Black & Brown folks. We hope the rest of the country will adopt these policies as well! Thank you Dr Weber for allowing me to be apart of this process. 🙏🏽 🙌🏽

It’s bigger than we know or think. If anyone in our culture deserves our patience it’s Jay! He don’t need the money nor the attention, I think b4 we rush to judgment let’s see how this plays out.. You can’t fix nothing from the outside!

Long Live The Great! HBD my brotha 🙏🏽💙🏁

Lol. Who wore it better?

I’ve noticed people have been posting their starting 5 medicators.. 🤯 lol Give me your Best Medicating 5 😂🤘🏽 • • If I choose your 5 you will win a 6 month internship w my New Health & Wellness CBD & Cannabis Brand called SWISH launching soon! @sevenleaves_ca

You can hear the growth every time you touch the mic bro! Congrats!! Make sure y’all pick up @damianlillard new album ✊🏾

Check out the latest piece by my brother @lzgranderson in the @latimes about Cannabis in Sports!

Boys came to Vegas & dominated from start to finish 7-0 ... 10U Champs 🏆 @g1elitebasketball Thx again @easymoneysniper @damianlillard & @ygtrece for the shoes boys wore all 3 pairs this tournament! Lol love 🙏🏽

We had an amazing weekend!! Congrats to my guy @matit99 & @malee22 thank you for allowing us to share your special day🙏🏽 🏁💙

Appreciate y’all fellas for blessing my little guys @ygtrece @easymoneysniper @damianlillard. We headed down to Vegas this week to win it! @g1elitebasketball

It’s Official!! Lol Ashton’s first words are Dada Daddy & Dad... Even with me not there & him mom trying to persuade him, my lil man came through 🙏🏽

@hueforeveryman is happy to be teaming up w @porschedtla tomorrow for our pre Espys event! Custom art by @jubeanski proceeds will go to @athletesvscancer Thank you to everyone who made this event possible & I hope to see y’all there🙏🏽 @porschedtla @classicpr @hueforeveryman @atheletesforart @athletesvscancer

Before the end of the night I want everyone to help me wish my dope a$$ Lil nephew a happy 14th bday! Love you bro @jayden_nolen

This lil dude is so chill.. He blows me away with his “miss me w the bullshit” demeanor .. He has an old soul 🙏🏽He loves chillin w his sister.. 👀oh I mean his grandma 😂

FatherHood has & always will be my greatest accomplishment! 3 faces that can brighten any day.. Happy Fathers Day to all the Real Fathers out there🙏🏽

Curls For The baby Gurls😎


Ash Mom & Daddy

Can’t believe I’m hanging bro on the wall 🤦🏽‍♂️🙏🏽Another amazing piece by my guy @roy.munson.art 3 Kings 👑👑👑 🏁💙

Make sure you checkout my full interview w @2chainz on IGTV & YouTube.. As he explains his upbringing how he keeps life in perspective & much more.. You don’t wanna miss this! @uninterrupted @itsjoslynrose

I’m punching the twins dead in their chest they ever do some disrespectful like this to me!

Another one! @djkhaled voice 🙏🏽 Congrats to my little guys who came out and handle business this weekend @g1elitebasketball 🤘🏽


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