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Photographer. Writer. People lover 💁 // Sharing stories of our common humanity through travel & the underrepresented 🏳️‍🌈



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Turks and Caicos Islands

What are you reading this summer? I recently finished ‘The Great Believers’ by @rebeccakkai and it was one of those books that opened up a new part of me, sharpening my emotions and my ability to be present. As soon as I finished, I texted WAY too many people to recommend it, and put it cleanly in my top five of all time. I’ve been jumping back and forth between modern stories and classics and fantasy these past few months. Currently I reading ‘Ender’s Ge’ and v disturbed at the prescience of certain forces the author imagined for the future. Particularly the purposeful inflmatory political writers on the Internet. I’d love to know what you’re reading and why you love it. Forever looking to add books to my wish list even though I already have a full shelf of “to read” books 😬😬😬. Thank youuuuu!

Gent, Belgium

Some incredible and humbling professional news for all of you lovely followers! I ✨officially✨ a @natgeotravel contributor, meaning I now able to share my work on their Instagr, one of the top 100 accounts in the world. Having access to such a robust and diverse audience is an opportunity I do not take lightly. Over the next few months I’ll be diving back into my archives to share work I’ve always loved, and to discover gems like this image above. I’ve always hoped my images would inspire people to discover, care about, and understand the world. I can’t wait to continue that journey with this new platform. 💖


There are certain places you travel that feel like they sit on the teetering edge of the planet. Húsavik is one of those places. In an incredible moment of “Wow, it’s a small photography world” my wonderful friend @hellopoe ended up standing in this EXACT same spot only a few days after I was there while on an assignment of her own. I can’t possibly imagine the chances of that. 👀

New York, New York

Hey y’all! Here’s something ~professional~ and fun. The Nature Conservancy interviewed me about my work and my process. This is the lil video they made from our time together. I don’t often put myself in front of the cera, and I hope y’all enjoy getting a better sense of who I 🙃 Also! The video is helping to promote their 2019 Photo Contest which is ✨free✨ to enter and has some wonderful prizes. Check their profile @nature_org for a link and more info!


Icelandic Details (Sept. 2018)


Icelandic Textures (Sept. 2018)


A very strangely shaped earth

Snæfellsnes Peninsula, Iceland

Driving to the Snaefellsnes Peninsula from Borgarnes. It looks like someone kicked a few buckets of paint across the landscape. The clouds drop lower and lower until they finally become fog. In September of 2018 I drove the entire Ring Road of Iceland in only five days. Most of these heavenly landscapes were seen through my exhausted fever dream eyes, which added another layer of magic.


Icelandic Witches (Sept. 2018)

Þingvellir National Park

More scenes from Þingvellir National Park. I landed in Iceland overnight and was supposed to take my first day off to get settled and plan my loop on the Ring Road. I couldn’t resist a chance to drive the Golden Circle so I went straight from the airport to Þingvellir and wandered in a jet lag haze. These little ones were the first of about a million Icelandic sheep I would see, but they’re the ones who made it into the story. In order to get that image I had to park the car about half a mile away and walk blearily along the side of the road until they finally stopped wandering and munching to look at me with a face that begs the question: “Why is this crazy exhausted man stalking us?”

Þingvellir National Park

There are two reasons to hike through Þingvellir National Park in Iceland. The first being that you can “Walk Between Two Continents,” as this is the exact spot that the North American & Eurasian tectonic plates are separating from one another, creating a rift valley. Iceland is the only place in the world where this rift is above sea-level, and in Þingvellir you can clearly see the edges of both plates. If geology doesn’t interest you, maybe you’re a Game of Thrones fan? You might recognize this exact spot as the place they filmed all of the ‘Bloody Gate’ scenes (just imagine a row of archers on either side of this small valley).

Silver Lake, Warren County, New Jersey

Beach Portrait Polaroids: Alexa, Ben & Julian, McKenzie.

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